Zero Carbon Systems acquires Global Thermostat to accelerate direct air capture technology


Zero Carbon Systems, a leader in direct air capture technology, has announced the acquisition of Global Thermostat, a pioneer in carbon dioxide removal. This strategic merger combines Global Thermostat’s core technology, regarded as the best globally, with the advanced engineering design of Zero Carbon Systems, founded by David Elenowitz in 2020.

Strategic Synergy and Future Plans

David Elenowitz, founder and CEO of Zero Carbon Systems, emphasized the synergy between the companies’ technologies, aiming to revolutionize the direct air capture industry. The merger is poised to enhance operational capabilities and drive innovation in carbon capture solutions. Zero Carbon Systems plans to scale operations with a 2,500-ton per year demonstration plant by 2025-2026, a 50,000-ton commercial plant two years later, and aims for a million-ton scale plant by 2030.

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Leadership and Vision

Edgar Bronfman, Jr., Chairman of Global Thermostat, expressed confidence in the acquisition, noting that the combined expertise and resources would position the company as a market leader. The collaboration aims to deliver scalable, low-cost, and energy-efficient carbon dioxide removal solutions, critical for addressing global climate change challenges.

Background and Impact

Zero Carbon Systems has rapidly established itself in the field, with David Elenowitz bringing substantial experience and investment from his prior roles, including leading Mercury Capital and growing Empire Today. The merger is expected to create a robust platform for growth in the direct air capture industry, leveraging both companies’ strengths to make significant environmental impacts.

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The acquisition of Global Thermostat by Zero Carbon Systems represents a significant step forward in the fight against climate change. By combining advanced engineering designs with proven core technologies, the new entity is well-positioned to lead the market in direct air capture. This strategic move not only enhances the technological capabilities of Zero Carbon Systems but also significantly advances global efforts to develop sustainable and effective carbon removal strategies.

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