CO280, Aker Carbon Capture, and Microsoft partner to scale carbon removal in North America


In a significant move to enhance carbon removal technologies across North America, CO280 and Aker Carbon Capture have entered into a strategic partnership with Microsoft. The collaboration aims to scale up the entire value chain of carbon removal by capturing and permanently sequestering biogenic CO2 at pulp and paper mills, a sector with a carbon removal potential of up to 130 million tons annually.

Under the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signed by the parties, this collaboration will focus on developing large-scale carbon dioxide removal (CDR) projects in the US and Canada. These projects are designed to meet global net zero targets efficiently, leveraging the unique strengths and capabilities of each partner to enhance the ecosystem for the voluntary carbon market.

Jonathan Rhone, CEO of CO280, emphasized the transformative potential of this partnership, “This commitment on the part of three best-in-class companies is exactly the kind of bold move the industry needs to unlock the enormous removal opportunity in the pulp and paper industry and scale up the CDR market. Together, we are developing the largest scale, lowest cost, permanent carbon removal projects in the world,” said Rhone.

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The collaborative efforts will address technological, regulatory, and commercial challenges and opportunities in creating effective carbon removal solutions. This includes developing biogenic carbon capture projects, applying CO280’s expertise in evaluating the feasibility of carbon capture on pulp and paper mills, and deploying Aker Carbon Capture’s modularized Just Catch series plants.

Additionally, the partnership aims to standardize lifecycle assessment (LCA) and measurement, verification, and reporting (MRV) systems for capture projects in the pulp and paper sector. Microsoft will contribute its digital capabilities, cloud computing platforms, services, and solutions to create a digital tool that aligns with Microsoft Criteria for High-Quality Carbon Removal.

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Darryl Willis, Corporate Vice President of Energy and Resources Industry at Microsoft, highlighted the technological focus of the partnership, “By leveraging the power of technology to create a digital value chain for carbon tracking and reporting, we can equip the market for high-integrity carbon removal credits and further enable the industrial sector to decarbonize,” said Willis.

Microsoft’s strategy involves reducing emissions, replacing electricity consumption with carbon-free energy, and removing residual emissions. The collaboration with CO280 and Aker Carbon Capture is part of Microsoft’s broader effort to create a robust market for CDRs, building a digital value chain that tracks carbon attributes and generates robust credits effectively.

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This tripartite initiative represents a groundbreaking approach in the fight against climate change, highlighting the role of innovative partnerships in achieving significant environmental goals. By combining their respective expertise in technology, carbon capture, and market development, CO280, Aker Carbon Capture, and Microsoft are setting a new standard for industry collaboration in scaling up essential carbon removal technologies. The partnership not only aims to meet ambitious net zero targets but also to catalyze the broader adoption of CDR technologies across other industries, potentially transforming the landscape of global carbon management.

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