Med Learning Group acquires Talem Health to enhance medical education in underserved areas


In a significant development within the healthcare education sector, Med Learning Group (MLG), a prominent provider of continuing medical education, has officially acquired Talem Health. This acquisition is backed by DW Healthcare Partners, a private equity firm with a strong focus on the healthcare industry.

Strategic Acquisition to Address Health Disparities

Talem Health, known for its dedication to supporting the educational needs of clinicians in rural and underserved communities, will join forces with MLG to amplify their impact in these critical areas. This partnership aims to leverage both entities’ strengths to improve health outcomes and reduce disparities in vulnerable populations.

Collaboration to Broaden Impact

Matt Frese, CEO of Med Learning Group, expressed enthusiasm about the integration, stating, “We are thrilled to welcome Talem into the MLG family. While maintaining our individual business operations, this collaboration will expand our reach and efforts in addressing health disparities and improving outcomes in vulnerable patient populations.” Similarly, Eric VanStone, CEO of Talem, highlighted the benefits of the partnership, “The partnership with MLG enables us to broaden our impact and develop innovative solutions for supporting our clinician community, particularly those providing care to rural and underserved communities.”

Enhancing Educational Services and Offerings

The merger represents a major step forward in uniting two leading organizations in the field of medical education. By combining resources, MLG and Talem are set to enhance the quality and accessibility of educational programs for healthcare professionals, ultimately fostering a well-informed and skilled healthcare workforce capable of tackling the unique challenges faced by rural and underserved communities.

This acquisition not only broadens the educational offerings available but also creates a platform for both organizations to innovate in how medical education is delivered, particularly in under-resourced areas. The strategic alignment of MLG and Talem Health’s goals presents a promising future for medical education focused on inclusivity and community impact.

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