Zelensky drops mic on Russia at UN: Calls for veto power revocation


In an incendiary appearance that electrified the United Nations Security Council (UNSC), Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky pulled no punches as he eviscerated Russia for its ‘criminal’ invasion of Ukraine. Dressed in his trademark military fatigues, the Ukrainian leader took the rare step of demanding that Moscow be stripped of its veto power in the Council, pointing to what he called the UN’s failure to resolve global conflicts effectively.

Zelensky’s Scathing Rebuke to Russia and UN Apathy

Zelensky presented a 10-point plan to end the war with Russia and slammed the UN for its deadlock in handling global aggression. He contended that the UN had lost humanity’s faith when it came to defending the sovereignty of nations. According to reports, Zelensky felt that veto power in the hands of an aggressor nation like Russia had led the UN into a state of inaction.

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The Russian Response: Lavrov Strikes Back

While Zelensky made headlines, Russia was not silent. Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov took center stage to defend Moscow’s use of veto power, referring to it as a “legitimate tool” under the UN Charter. Lavrov countered by accusing the US and its allies of meddling in Ukraine’s domestic affairs since the Soviet Union’s collapse.

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Déjà Vu: Zelensky’s Consistent UN Confrontations

This isn’t the first time Zelensky has challenged Russia at the UN. Last year he argued that Russia’s invasion had disrupted global order and insisted that an aggressor nation should not have a decision-making role at international organizations. He advocated for the UN to take punitive steps like depriving delegation rights and removing the veto power of aggressive states.

Broader Implications: UNGA and Beyond

Interestingly, Zelensky’s forceful speech comes on the heels of his first-ever in-person address to the United Nations General Assembly, where he accused Russia of “weaponizing” both food and energy resources and called for a strategy of nuclear disarmament against Moscow.

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The Ukrainian leader’s audacious confrontations raise pressing questions about the efficacy and credibility of international organizations like the UN. Will Zelensky’s impassioned pleas result in actionable change, or will they fade into the cacophony of global diplomacy? Only time will tell.

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