Wipro, Spartan Radar to co-develop advanced vehicle solutions for next-gen ADAS


Wipro, an Indian technology company, has announced a partnership between its Engineering Edge business line and Spartan Radar, a provider of automated mobility sensor software.

This collaboration aims to develop advanced vehicle solutions leveraging Spartan Radar’s software-defined 4D imaging radar technology.

Furthermore, Wipro Ventures, the corporate investment arm of Wipro, has made an investment in Spartan Radar’s Series B funding round.

Through this partnership and investment, Wipro will utilize Spartan Radar’s cutting-edge technology to enhance its Wipro Cloud Car platform and build next-generation Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS). These solutions will be made available to automotive original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and Tier 1 suppliers, enabling them to integrate assisted and automated driving features into their vehicles.

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The cost-effective and unique offerings will prioritize safety while empowering drivers to upgrade their cars with desired features.

Wipro, Spartan Radar to co-develop advanced vehicle solutions for next-gen advanced driver assistance systems

Wipro, Spartan Radar to co-develop advanced vehicle solutions for next-gen advanced driver assistance systems. Photo courtesy of Rameshng/Wikimedia Commons.

Thomas Mueller — Wipro Engineering Edge Chief Technology Officer said: “Most vehicles come with pre-set ADAS features that cannot be upgraded or retrofitted.

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“Our goal is to enable OEMs to install a highly capable, affordable, sensing stack on every single vehicle, thus making every car capable of advanced driver support and conditional autonomous driving.

“Our Cloud Car platform will bring Spartan technology to leading OEMs and Tier 1s, helping them deliver future-ready, cost-effective ADAS that support seamless scalability.”

Additionally, Spartan Radar’s products will be integrated into Wipro’s Cloud Car Data Engine and AI pipeline IP, enabling OEMs to deliver on-demand ADAS features. This collaboration will enable automotive manufacturers to develop vehicles that continuously improve and provide an enhanced driving experience.

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Nathan Mintz — Spartan Radar CEO and Co-Founder said: “Spartan fills the gaps in today’s ADAS and tomorrow’s autonomous vehicles.

“Our mission is to fundamentally resolve the shortcomings of radars, such as poor resolution, minimum range, and AI integration to create a disruptive, software-enabled 4D high-resolution imaging radar. Working with the Wipro Cloud Car team will allow us to equip the sector with high-quality safety improvements that are cost-effective.”

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