Wipro expands retail-focused capabilities with VisionEDGE+ platform


Wipro Limited, a leading technology services and consulting company, has announced a significant expansion of its retail-focused capabilities with the enhancement of its Wipro VisionEDGE+ platform. This initiative, developed in collaboration with tech giants Cisco and AT&T, and powered by Amazon Web Services (AWS), is poised to revolutionize the retail media network landscape.

Strategic Partnerships and Platform Capabilities

Wipro VisionEDGE+ is designed as a comprehensive retail transformation platform that aims to unlock the full potential of in-store customer engagement. By leveraging the robust network infrastructure provided by AT&T and the intelligent network solutions from Cisco, alongside the scalable cloud computing services of AWS, Wipro is set to enhance the retail experience significantly.

The platform promises to enhance customer experience through interactive displays that offer personalized recommendations and navigation assistance, drive incremental revenue through programmatic advertising, and enable assisted selling through digital endpoints. Additionally, Wipro VisionEDGE+ allows retailers to centralize control and operations, facilitating seamless content tracking across multiple platforms and enabling scalability.

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Impact on Retail Industry

According to the National Retail Foundation, despite the growth of online shopping, 80% of all shopping still occurs in stores, highlighting the importance of physical retail as a critical touchpoint for connecting with consumers. Wipro VisionEDGE+ responds to this market dynamic by creating an omnichannel platform that allows customers to virtually try on items and order from ‘endless aisles.’

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“Retail media is not just a trend; it’s a transcendent force reshaping the future of in-store experiences,” stated Malay Joshi, Chief Executive Officer – Americas 1, Wipro Limited. “Wipro VisionEDGE+ extends this power to brands and retailers to transform every customer store visit into a personalized journey.”

Collaborative Efforts and Future Prospects

The enhancements to Wipro VisionEDGE+ also include dynamic digital signage and cutting-edge AI-based platforms that provide business insights, customer sentiment analytics, and traffic management data, tailored to the specific needs of retailers while ensuring compliance with privacy regulations.

Sarita Rao, Senior Vice President at AT&T Partner Solutions, commented on the collaboration, “The retail revolution is fueled by connectivity and AT&T’s next-level network infrastructure serves as a secure and reliable foundation for Wipro VisionEDGE+. This solution showcases our collaborative approach to help businesses unlock new insights to drive success in the digital era.”

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Similarly, Tim Coogan, Senior Vice President at Cisco, emphasized the value of their partnership with Wipro, stating, “We are proud to complement Wipro VisionEDGE+ with our secure and intelligent networking solutions focused on retail environments.”

The strategic expansion of Wipro VisionEDGE+ represents a significant step forward in integrating digital technologies with traditional retail settings, offering a more immersive and personalized shopping experience. This move is expected to set a new standard in retail innovation, driving future trends and enhancing customer satisfaction.

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