Clinical Microbiomics acquires DNASense to enhance microbiome research and application capabilities


In a strategic move to bolster its position as a leader in the global microbiome science field, Clinical Microbiomics A/S announced today its acquisition of DNASense ApS, a Danish microbiome Contract Research Organization (CRO) renowned for its innovation in long-read DNA and RNA sequencing technologies and advanced bioinformatics. This acquisition is a significant step for Clinical Microbiomics, expanding its service offerings into new sectors such as agriculture, industrial, and environmental ecosystems, and incorporating advanced long-read DNA- and RNA sequencing technologies into its already extensive portfolio of multi-omics technologies.

The acquisition of DNASense ApS is not just an addition of new technologies to Clinical Microbiomics’ arsenal but a strategic expansion into new application areas of microbiome science. H. Bjørn Nielsen, CSO of Clinical Microbiomics, highlighted the significance of integrating DNASense’s pioneering long-read technology across various microbiome research and industrial applications. “DNASense is a first mover in applying long-read technology broadly across microbiome research and industrial applications. Adding this to our toolbox paves the way for synergies with our bioinformatics and allows for deeper exploration of the microbiome’s complexities that will accelerate new discoveries,” said Nielsen.

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Mads Søndergaard, CEO of DNASense, also emphasized the synergistic benefits of the merger. “Joining Clinical Microbiomics is a pivotal moment for DNASense. Combining our services, we significantly expand the bioinformatics available to us for high-resolution taxonomical and functional insights in e.g., bioindustrial, environmental, agriculture, and animal microbiomes,” Søndergaard stated.

This acquisition marks a milestone in Clinical Microbiomics’ ambitious strategy to develop a comprehensive ecosystem of microbiome services. It represents the company’s commitment to innovation and service excellence in the microbiome field. Manoj Dadlani, CCO and Chairman of Clinical Microbiomics, expressed his enthusiasm for the partnership with DNASense. “The partnership with DNASense expands our portfolio of services and opens up new segments beyond human microbiome. This will significantly expand our addressable market and support our ambition to stay the global innovation and service leader for the microbiome field,” Dadlani remarked.

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Clinical Microbiomics has been on a rapid expansion path, with the DNASense acquisition being the third of its kind in just 18 months. The company previously integrated MS-Omics to add leading metabolomics capabilities and merged with CosmosID to create a global multi-omics footprint for microbiome studies, including software solutions.

The acquisitions and mergers reflect Clinical Microbiomics’ dedication to advancing microbiome science across various applications and ecosystems. The company plans to unveil a new brand in the summer of 2024, representing the integrated vision and expanded capabilities of Clinical Microbiomics, MS-Omics, CosmosID, and DNASense. This rebranding will mark a new chapter in the company’s journey towards revolutionizing microbiome science.

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Anders Grøn, CEO of Clinical Microbiomics, shared his vision for the future. “We are a service and innovation company at our core. We rely on attracting the best scientists in our field and delivering results for our clients that yield lasting relationships. This acquisition is a testament to our commitment to staying at the forefront of microbiome science,” Grøn concluded.

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