Wipro, Micro Focus open Legacy Migration and Modernisation Lab in Sydney

Wipro has joined forces with British software company Micro Focus and Amazon Web Services (AWS) to launch the Legacy Migration and Modernisation Lab in Sydney, Australia.

The lab is located in Wipro’s AWS Launchpad in Parramatta. It will enable companies located in Australia as well as New Zealand (A/NZ) to get hands-on experience of the accelerators and tools that can aid in optimizing mainframe application capabilities for the cloud.

Satish Wadhwa — Vice President of Wipro iDEAS said: “We are excited to collaborate with AWS and Micro Focus to launch this lab and enable our customers who continue to rely on legacy systems to drive core business functions, simplify, and modernize applications to the cloud.

“This lab will showcase our joint offerings to modernize the legacy ecosystem, help clients continually transform their expensive and monolithic platforms, and embrace the cloud as a strategic business advantage.”

Wipro, Micro Focus open Legacy Migration and Modernisation Lab in Sydney

Wipro, Micro Focus open Legacy Migration and Modernisation Lab in Sydney. Photo courtesy of Rameshng/Wikipedia.org.

The Legacy Migration and Modernisation Lab combines the strengths and technical know-how of Wipro, Micro Focus, and AWS to help clients become agile, cut down operational costs, and mitigate risks related to application-modernization to facilitate a cloud-ready IT ecosystem.

The advanced capabilities will assist companies to innovate quickly and deliver better business results. Additionally, the lab will function as a place for training for testing modernization scenarios of mainframe apps which will allow businesses to carry out training and prove their concepts in real-time.

Recently, Wipro launched Wipro FullStride Cloud Services while pledging to invest $1 billion over the next three years in cloud technology capabilities, acquisitions, and partnerships. In this connection, the Indian IT services company will expand its legacy migration as well as modernization offerings to assist businesses in transitioning their costly and monolith legacy platforms to the cloud, and also to modernize their application ecosystems to improve agility.

Wipro has earned the AWS Mainframe Migration Competency and has been a preferred partner for Micro Focus.

Brent Butchard — Sales Director of Micro Focus A/NZ said: “Micro Focus and Wipro have a long history of delivering mainframe-modernization projects in Australia and New Zealand. Our co-investment in a local mainframe modernization lab builds on our relationship, and will help clients improve the time to value associated with their mainframe modernization and transformation.”

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