Generative AI in the Middle East: Navigating security and governance with new solutions


A recent report by MIT Sloan Management Review titled “The State of Generative AI in the Middle East” reveals that 72% of executives from companies in the region are utilizing generative AI tools within their organizations. An additional 21% are contemplating their adoption, underscoring the growing interest in this technology. However, the enthusiasm is tempered by significant hurdles, with 64.7% of respondents identifying the lack of governance as a major barrier to the adoption of generative AI technologies.

To address these concerns, CalypsoAI has introduced its Moderator solution, a model-agnostic platform designed to bolster security and governance within enterprises. Moderator provides organizations with the tools needed to gain visibility into the usage of models and to implement specific controls and parameters to mitigate risks. This includes blocking prompt-driven techniques such as role-playing and reverse psychology, which could potentially compromise sensitive data. By preventing unauthorized access to large language models (LLMs), Moderator plays a crucial role in securing an organization’s digital ecosystem against threat actors.

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Deloitte Middle East is stepping in to further fortify this initiative by offering access to Moderator, enabling enterprises to navigate the common security and governance challenges prevalent in the region. This collaboration is set to empower joint customers with Deloitte’s vast knowledge and expertise in deploying the Moderator solution effectively within business environments. With a focus on custom-made policies and tailored use cases, Deloitte Middle East and CalypsoAI aim to deliver solutions that blend innovation with security, ensuring that every use case of AI is secure.

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Neil Serebryany, CEO and founder of CalypsoAI, emphasizes the untapped potential of generative AI and LLMs, highlighting the importance of trust in the adoption of AI tools. Tamer Charife, Partner & Middle East Cyber Emerging Technologies Leader at Deloitte Middle East, echoes this sentiment, underlining the bespoke approach to using generative AI securely across various applications.

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Both organizations are set to participate in Leap 2024, a forthcoming event at the Riyadh Exhibition and Convention Center in Malham, Saudi Arabia, from March 4-7. This will provide an excellent opportunity for interested parties to learn more about how they can benefit from the partnership between CalypsoAI and Deloitte Middle East

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