Infosys and Shell to revolutionize data center cooling and reduce emissions


Infosys, a leader in next-generation digital services and consulting, has announced its collaboration with Shell New Energies UK Ltd, an international energy company, to foster the adoption of immersion cooling services in data centers. This strategic engagement combines Infosys’ digital prowess and Shell’s energy expertise to create integrated offerings for greener data centers.

Leveraging Advanced Technologies for Efficiency

The collaboration will utilize Shell Immersion Cooling Fluid and Infosys Topaz, combining a synthetic, single-phase immersion cooling fluid with AI-first services, solutions, and platforms. These advanced technologies aim to enhance the energy efficiency and performance of data servers and IT components, addressing the increasing electricity consumption and CO2 emissions of data centers.

Digital and Energy Giants, Infosys and Shell, Partner for Sustainable Data Center Solutions

Digital and Energy Giants, Infosys and Shell, Partner for Sustainable Data Center Solutions

Piloting Immersion Cooling and Digital Solutions

Data centers account for a significant portion of global electricity consumption and CO2 emissions. The immersion cooling technology, combined with digital solutions from Shell and Infosys, is expected to show a substantial reduction in CO2 emissions and energy footprint. Pilot projects at Shell’s and Infosys’ data centers will test these technologies, with plans to extend the offering globally.

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Joint Commitment to Sustainability

Infosys, which achieved carbon neutrality 30 years ahead of the Paris Agreement’s 2050 timeline, continues to develop solutions for decarbonization. Shell aims to become a net-zero emissions energy business by 2050. The partnership reflects both companies’ commitment to leveraging digital technologies to reduce energy consumption and carbon dioxide emissions in data centers.

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Executives’ Statements on the Collaboration

Ashiss Kumar Dash, EVP & Global Head at Infosys, emphasized the role of AI-based digital solutions in creating environmentally responsible data centers. Aysun Akik, VP at Shell Lubricants, highlighted the potential of their immersion cooling technology to reduce data center energy use and support customers’ sustainability commitments.

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This collaboration between Infosys and Shell represents a significant step towards creating sustainable, efficient, and technologically advanced data centers.

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