Wipro, Cisco collaborate to launch managed private 5G-as-a-Service solution


Wipro has announced the launch of a managed private 5G-as-a-Service solution in partnership with Cisco, which aims to empower enterprise customers by seamlessly integrating private 5G networks with their existing LAN/WAN/Cloud infrastructure, thereby enabling them to achieve enhanced business outcomes.

The advent of 5G and other complementary technologies has sparked a significant shift in the nature of work and digital transformation across both information technology (IT) and operational technology (OT) infrastructures.

Recognizing this transformational potential, Cisco and Wipro have come together to offer managed private 5G services, providing organizations with the benefits of a private 5G network without the need to invest in acquiring, operating, and maintaining one. This as-a-service solution serves to minimize the risks associated with upfront capital expenditure (Capex) investments while expediting the adoption of cutting-edge technologies.

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Wipro and Cisco bear the technical, operational, and commercial risks of implementing the solution, allowing enterprise customers to focus on their core business objectives.

Wipro and Cisco collaborate to unveil managed private 5G-as-a-Service solution

Wipro and Cisco collaborate to unveil managed private 5G-as-a-Service solution. Image courtesy of torstensimon from Pixabay.

At the heart of this managed private 5G solution lies Cisco’s industry-leading mobile core technology and comprehensive Internet of Things (IoT) portfolio. This includes a wide range of IoT sensors, gateways, device management software, as well as monitoring tools and dashboards.

Wipro, leveraging its expertise and experience, seamlessly builds, operates, and manages the solution on behalf of customers, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free experience. In support of this strategic partnership, Wipro has established a dedicated private 5G lab where industry use cases are developed, tested, and demonstrated.

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By launching this managed private 5G-as-a-Service solution, Wipro and Cisco are poised to revolutionize the way organizations leverage wireless connectivity within their infrastructures.

Lourdes Charles — Wipro Vice President of 5G / Connectivity Services said: “Private 5G integration will put organizations on the cusp of a new revolution. We are delighted to expand our long-standing strategic relationship between Cisco and Wipro to include managed private 5G solutions for enterprise customers.

“To simplify the customer experience, the solution will validate mission-critical use cases, operations Service-Level Agreements, and lifecycle management. Wipro is fully committed through our 5G Def-i platform, to assist customers with their private 5G networks through best-in-class technology, pricing, and performance.”

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Enterprise customers can now unlock the potential of private 5G networks, capitalizing on the numerous advantages it brings, all while relying on the expertise and support of two industry-leading technology companies. The future of work is evolving, and Wipro and Cisco are at the forefront, driving digital transformation and empowering businesses to achieve greater heights through the seamless integration of private 5G technology.

Masum Mir — Cisco Networking Senior Vice President and General Manager of Provider Mobility said: “Private 5G is already enabling connectivity for a wide range of use cases in factories, supply chains, university and enterprise campuses, entertainment venues, hospitals, and more.

“We’ve created a simplified and intuitive private 5G solution with Wipro, leveraging the advantages of 5G, IoT, Edge and Wi-Fi6 technologies to improve customer outcomes.”

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