Unilever Ice Cream launches 20 new frozen treats in US

Ice cream industry news : Unilever Ice Cream has expanded its frozen treats line up in the US by launching a total of 20 new products across its Magnum Ice Cream, Breyers, Good Humor, Popsicle and Klondike ice cream and frozen novelty brands.

MAGNUM Ice Cream Launches MAGNUM Tubs

Joining the Magnum Ice Cream range are the MAGNUM Tubs, made up of a chocolate cracking shell on the outside. The new MAGNUM Tubs have been launched in four different flavors that include MAGNUM Milk Chocolate Vanilla, MAGNUM Dark Chocolate Raspberry, MAGNUM Milk Chocolate Hazelnut and MAGNUM White Chocolate Vanilla.

MAGNUM Milk Chocolate Vanilla

MAGNUM Milk Chocolate Vanilla is made up of silky vanilla ice cream and thick chocolate shards. These are packed in a cracking MAGNUM chocolate shell and topped with a layer of Belgian chocolate.

MAGNUM Dark Chocolate Raspberry

MAGNUM Dark Chocolate Raspberry is made up of silky raspberry ice cream and dark chocolate shards. Contained in a cracking MAGNUM dark chocolate shell and topped with 65% cacao.

MAGNUM Milk Chocolate Hazelnut

MAGNUM Milk Chocolate Hazelnut is a combination of silky hazelnut ice cream and caramelized hazelnuts along with thick chocolate shards. Also packed in a cracking MAGNUM chocolate shell, MAGNUM Milk Chocolate Hazelnut has a topping of caramelized hazelnuts and is made with Belgian chocolate.

MAGNUM White Chocolate Vanilla

MAGNUM White Chocolate Vanilla combines silky vanilla ice cream and thick white chocolate shards inside a cracking white chocolate shell. It is topped with the MAGNUM chocolate stamp that is made with Belgian chocolate.

New Unilever Ice Cream products launched in US

New Unilever Ice Cream products launched in US. (Photo courtesy of PRNewsfoto/Unilever)

Apart from MAGNUM Tubs, MAGNUM Ice Cream has added two new innovations – MAGNUM Double Cherry Truffle and MAGNUM Mini Double Raspberry to its Doubles ice cream bar range which are dipped twice to give a double decadent experience.

MAGNUM Double Cherry Truffle

MAGNUM Double Cherry Truffle, which is made with Belgian chocolate, has cherry ice cream swirled with chocolate ganache. It is dipped in a chocolatey coating and also in cherry sauce and milk chocolate.

MAGNUM Mini Double Raspberry

MAGNUM Mini Double Raspberry, also made with Belgian chocolate, combines raspberry ice cream that is dipped in a chocolatey coating, and also in raspberry sauce and milk chocolate.

New Addition to Breyers Ice Cream Range

Unilever has added four new combinations in its Breyers ice cream range in the form of Breyers 2in1 Oreo A Chips Ahoy!, Breyers 2in1 Reese’sb Reese’s Piecesb, Breyers 2in1 Snickers C M&M’s C and Breyers 2in1 Heathd Waffle Cone.

Breyers 2in1 Oreo A Chips Ahoy!

Breyers 2in1 Oreo A Chips Ahoy! swirls Breyers vanilla and caramel flavors with Oreo and Chips Ahoy! cookie pieces.


Breyers 2in1 REESE’S REESE’S PIECES is a blend of Breyers Peanut Butter and Chocolate with REESE’S peanut butter cup pieces as well as REESE’S PIECES mini candies.

Breyers 2in1 Snickers M&M’s

Breyers 2in1 Snickers M&M’s is a combination of Breyers Caramel and Chocolate light ice cream with chunks of Snickers bar and M&M’s Minis milk chocolate candies.

Breyers 2in1 HEATH Waffle Cone

Breyers 2in1 HEATH Waffle Cone combines Breyers Vanilla and Chocolate with HEATH toffee pieces and fudge-wrapped waffle cone pieces.

Popsicle Ice Pop Brand Range

Unilever Ice Cream has also broadened its Popsicle ice pop brand range by introducing Popsicle Fruit Pops, made from real fruit, real cane sugar, vitamin C among others. Popsicle Fruit Pops are available strawberry, mango, orange and raspberry flavors.

Klondike Frozen Treat Range

In its Klondike frozen treat range, Unilever Ice Cream has introduced its first variety of Minis, with the new stickless bars made up of ice cream in a chocolatey shell.

Good Humor Ice Cream Range

In collaboration with candy brand Reese, Good Humor ice cream has introduced a sweet new innovation called as Good Humor Reese’s Dessert Bar, which is a mix of Reese’s peanut butter sauce that is covered by Good Humor cake coating.

Commenting on the new launches made by Unilever Ice Cream, Alfie Vivian – General Manager of Unilever Refreshments, said: “It’s been a lot of fun reimagining some of America’s favorite ice cream brands.

“We know people love ice cream and it makes them happy. From snackable sizes to cookie and candy mix-ins to better-for-you choices, this summer we’re introducing treats that will satisfy every ice cream lover.”

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