Trucknetic now provides full-stack trucking services in Delhi-NCR


Trucknetic, an Indian online transport and logistics company, will now provide all sorts of trucks and implement its full-stack trucking solutions in the Delhi-NCR area.

The logistics company claims to offer an Uber-like service for trucks. It is planning to streamline India’s logistics industry through a marketplace that connects shippers and carriers for inter-state, inter-city, intra-city as well as movers and packers movements by leveraging artificial intelligence-machine language (AI-ML), analytics, and related technologies.

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Trucknetic’s digital platform is said to improve transparency and efficiency in the Indian trucking sector, streamline operations across the supply chain, and support the Ease of Doing Business initiative in the country.

Indian online transport and logistics company Trucknetic now provides full-stack trucking services in Delhi-NCR

Indian online transport and logistics company Trucknetic now provides full-stack trucking services in Delhi-NCR. Photo courtesy of PDPics from Pixabay.

Arham Partap Jain — Trucknetic Founder said: “About 80,000 light and heavy goods vehicles enter and exit the city from its 9 entry points making Delhi one of the major transportation hubs in the country.

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“We see a huge potential for organizing and streamlining these movements.

“We aim to make our platform simple and seamless for the users.

“Our app puts everything they need right at their fingertips so they can avail hassle-free transportation solutions.”

The atomic network model of the start-up is said to activate all varieties of truck booking for a particular region at once, and then replicate it in other areas.

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The model enables shippers to download a single app for all truck book activities.

Trucknetic with 10 lakh trucks in its network. is planning to embrace Electric Vehicles as a service (EV-aas) and cut its carbon footprint in line with India’s target to achieve net zero by 2070.

Its Trucknetic Shipper app is expected to achieve approximately 10 lakh downloads, while its Trucknetic Carrier app will reach more than five lakh downloads by September 2023.

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