Train shooting horror: Did accused RPF constable hide a disturbing mental secret?


A shocking revelation has come to light in the case of the deadly train shooting near Mumbai by Railway Protection Force (RPF) Constable Chetan Singh. The Ministry of Railways has stated that no mental illness was detected in the last periodic medical examination of the accused. The incident that took place in the early hours of Monday has left the nation on the edge, demanding answers.

Chetan Singh (33) is accused of gunning down his senior colleague Tika Ram Meena and three innocent passengers aboard the Jaipur-Mumbai Express near Palghar railway station with his automatic weapon. He was captured later. Recent media reports alleging that Chetan Singh suffered from “abnormal hallucinations” and was diagnosed with a severe anxiety disorder have been vehemently denied by the Railways.

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According to an official statement from the Railways, the treatment for the supposed mental ailment would have been taken on a personal level by Chetan Singh, and is not present in his official records. The Ministry further claimed that the accused and his family kept the condition a secret, a revelation that has further deepened the mystery surrounding this horrifying event. The matter is currently under investigation with the Government Railway Police (GRP) in Borivali.

The dark secret behind the Mumbai train shooting: What was the accused RPF constable really hiding?

The dark secret behind the Mumbai train shooting: What was the accused RPF constable really hiding? Photo courtesy of Rajesh Balouria from Pixabay.

The shocking incident unfolded on July 31, around 5:23 am, when on duty, RPF Constable Chetan Singh shot his in-charge ASI Meena using his service ARM rifle (AK-47) at Vaitarna railway station. Three passengers were also shot dead, sending shockwaves through the country.

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Apprehended by RPF Post officers in Bhayandar, Chetan Singh was handed over to local police in Borivali for further legal action. A high-level committee headed by an ADG of the RPF has been constituted to conduct a comprehensive inquiry into this gruesome incident.

The unfolding story is riddled with questions and unknowns. What drove Chetan Singh to such a heinous act? Did he truly suffer from a mental condition that he and his family kept hidden? The nation waits for answers as the investigation continues, hoping for justice and clarity in this harrowing tale that has sent chills down the spine of every Indian citizen.

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