TCS unveils Product Life Cycle Profiler tool for measuring environmental impact


Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) has rolled out the TCS Product Life Cycle Profiler, a new life cycle assessment (LCA) tool. Priced for scalability, this tool provides a dynamic approach to evaluating the environmental footprint of products across various lines.

Collaboration with PRé Sustainability

Built in partnership with PRé Sustainability, the Product Life Cycle Profiler aims to overcome the limitations of traditional LCA tools such as inflexible data management and lack of scalability.

Importance of LCA in Current Market

Businesses worldwide are focusing on sustainability initiatives like decarbonization and circular economy models. Consequently, reliable and dynamic life cycle assessment tools have become pivotal for companies seeking to minimize their environmental impact.

Innovating Sustainability: TCS and PRé Sustainability Launch Comprehensive LCA Tool

Innovating Sustainability: TCS and PRé Sustainability Launch Comprehensive LCA Tool. Photo courtesy of Rameshng/

Comprehensive Features and Capabilities

The TCS Product Life Cycle Profiler offers a multi-faceted view of environmental impacts from various sources, including materials, transportation, and energy consumption. Not limited to greenhouse gas emissions, the tool also tracks other impact factors such as human toxicity and water usage. It further identifies areas for improvement by highlighting impact hotspots.

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Expert Quotes on the New Tool

“TCS Product Life Cycle Profiler will help our clients identify the changes they need to make their product value chains more sustainable and advance their climate goals,” said Suranjan Chatterjee, Global Head, Strategic Capabilities Group, TCS. Eric Mieras, Managing Director and CEO of PRé Sustainability, added, “Our partnership with TCS addresses the need for customers to have reliable and transparent environmental footprint information for products at scale.”

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Technological Innovations in the Tool

Utilizing TCS’s expertise in data management and analytics, the tool integrates with primary enterprise data to perform dynamic LCAs. It operates on an open-source, cloud-agnostic architecture, making it compatible with various cloud platforms.

A Tool for Future-Proofing Sustainability Strategies

The tool allows businesses to run scenario simulations to develop low-impact, circular product strategies, thus leading the way for decarbonization. It adheres to common governing standards and offers actionable insights, making it a robust choice for companies committed to sustainability.

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