TCS teams up with Dassault Systems to revolutionize cardiovascular research


Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), a leading IT service company, has announced an extraordinary partnership with Dassault Systems on its Living Heart Project, a collaboration that’s set to redefine the landscape of cardiovascular research and healthcare. This venture involves a diverse community—ranging from cardiologists and educators to medical device developers and the US FDA—with the purpose of creating realistic digital simulations of the human heart.

What makes this revolutionary? The partnership aims to produce groundbreaking medical solutions, which include the implementation of in-silico clinical trials. These digital trials could reduce the need for animal testing and human enrollment, revolutionizing the way new cardiovascular devices gain approval. TCS will leverage its considerable domain and technology expertise to make significant contributions in the area of digital simulations for cardiac healthcare.

Tata Consultancy Services teams up with Dassault Systems to revolutionize cardiovascular research

Tata Consultancy Services teams up with Dassault Systems to revolutionize cardiovascular research. Image courtesy of Marcel Elia from Pixabay.

Here’s the deal: TCS will employ its advanced research on the Digital BioTwin of the heart, a biophysics-based computational model. This Digital BioTwin enables non-invasive and remote investigation of human organ functions, providing highly accurate, personalized digital human heart models. This comes as part of TCS’s extensive research into creating digital bio-twins of other organs like skin, nose, and colon.

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Why This Matters: Steve Levine, Sr. Director, Virtual Human Modeling at Dassault Systèmes and founder of The Living Heart Project, stated, “By joining forces, we believe we can accelerate the pace of innovation and make significant strides toward our goal of creating personalized in-silico medical solutions.” Vikram Karakoti, Global Head, Life Sciences Business at TCS, echoed this sentiment, highlighting how TCS’s expertise in building digital bio-twins positions them to make a substantial impact on this initiative.

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Don’t forget: TCS has been a critical player in empowering digital transformation journeys for major life sciences companies globally. Their services span advisory roles, IT, and cognitive business operations, including cutting-edge solutions in data and analytics, predictive and prescriptive analytics, genomics research, and much more.

In summary, the partnership between Tata Consultancy Services and Dassault Systems is poised to become a cornerstone in advancing cardiovascular research and healthcare. By focusing on creating realistic digital simulations of the human heart, this collaborative effort promises to change the game in cardiovascular treatment, new product development, and medical device approval. Keep an eye on this transformative alliance as it gears to redefine the healthcare landscape!

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