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Basics of Human Body & different Organ Systems

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Human Body Our Human Body represents the entire structure of the human organism. It consists of trillions of cells that are organised biologically to form ... Read More

Skeletal System – Bones Structure and functions, composition

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Let us discuss the bones in the human body, bones structure and functions, its composition and many more interesting facts about the skeletal system. Skeletal ... Read More

What is Human Muscular System | Muscular System Functions | Muscle Diseases

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In this article related to our human body, we give you detailed explanation of the human muscular system which is an important organ system. Check ... Read More

Types of Muscles of the Muscular System and Vocabulary

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There are three types of the muscles in the body. They are Types of muscle (shown at different magnifications) (Photo credit: Wikipedia) Straighted Muscles Smooth ... Read More

Parathyroid Glands : Location, Secreted Hormones and Functions

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What are Parathyroid Glands? Parathyroid glands are small endocrine glands which are four in number present near the neck region. They are about the size ... Read More

Bones (Parts) of Axial Skeletal System

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Axial Skeletal System Definition Axial Skeleton (Skeletal System) consists of Skull Sternum Ribs Vertebral Column English: This is a corrected version of an image file ... Read More

Skeletal System : Parts, Functions, Structure, Types and Divisions

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This article has been moved. To read the post on Skeletal System Function, please follow the link. Read More

Endocrine Glands : Role, Types and their Functions

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What is a gland and its Functions? Types of Glands A gland is an organ (or even a cell) in our body which secretes some ... Read More

Respiratory Volumes Types and Definitions

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The contraction of the diaphragm and the inter coastal muscles produces expansion of the chest cavity, so air enters into the lungs during inspiration. A ... Read More

Sense Organs : Parts and Functions of Ears

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Ears are one of the five sense organs. Ears are helpful for listening. Transmission of Sound Waves: Sound waves are received by the outer ear ... Read More