Scytl wins contract for world’s first all-digital national election in UAE


Scytl Election Technologies, the Spanish pioneer in electronic voting systems, has won a contract to lead online voting for the United Arab Emirates’ (UAE) upcoming Federal National Council elections, scheduled for October this year. Partnering with the Ministry of State for Federal National Council Affairs (MFNCA), Scytl’s technology will enable the UAE to be the first country globally to conduct an entirely digital national election.

UAE Voters to Cast Ballots Online From Anywhere

In a historic move, the UAE will implement Scytl’s online voting platform, allowing voters to exercise their democratic rights from any device with an Internet connection. This innovation extends to Emiratis residing abroad during the election period, effectively replacing traditional paper-based voting methods. Scytl’s technology ensures a seamless, secure, and convenient voting process for all eligible citizens.

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Integration with In-Person Voting Kiosks

Scytl’s online platform will complement the in-person internet voting at polling stations. Voters will have the option to cast their votes through electronic voting kiosks, a digital channel that the UAE has successfully utilized in past elections. The dual-channel approach aims to maximize voter participation while maintaining the integrity of the electoral process.

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CEO’s Statement on Setting Global Milestones

Scytl CEO Raoul Roverato expressed his excitement about the landmark contract, stating, “This is the fourth time the UAE has entrusted us with its Federal National Council elections. The 2023 election is a historic milestone as the world’s first all-digital voting process. We’re proud to set a global precedent, helping the UAE modernize its election system and encouraging other countries to follow suit.”

Advanced Facial Recognition for Secure Voting

For the upcoming elections, Scytl will launch an online platform featuring advanced facial recognition technology to authenticate voters securely. In addition to the online platform, Scytl will deploy its cutting-edge internet voting technology across 24 polling stations in the seven emirates. The technology adheres to the strictest security protocols, ensuring voter privacy and ballot secrecy.

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Scytl’s partnership with the MFNCA aims to transform the way elections are conducted, making the UAE a frontrunner in adopting digital solutions for democratic processes. With this unprecedented initiative, Scytl and the UAE set the stage for the future of elections worldwide.

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