Mai Dubai opens 86,000 water bottles per hour production line in Dubai

Bottled water company Mai Dubai has launched what is claimed to be the fastest bottled water production line in the Asia, Oceania, and Africa (AOA) region with a capacity of up to 86,000 bottles per hour.

The fully-owned subsidiary of Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA) completed the installation of the bottled water production line in collaboration with French manufacturing company Sidel.

The French firm is a provider of equipment and services solutions for packaging beverage, food, home and personal care products in PET, glass, and can.

The newly opened bottled water production facility in Dubai is said to utilize Sidel’s ‘Super Combi’ technology.

Harbinder Kathuria — Sidel Vice President Sales for Middle East, Africa and India said: “The launch of the region’s fastest water bottling line at the Mai Dubai plant in Dubai is testament to the collaboration between two organizations coming together to enhance operational efficiencies and productivity thanks to Sidel’s innovative Super Combi technology.

“Working alongside the Mai Dubai team mirrors our commitment to provide our partners with advanced solutions to ensure that they reach their corporate goals, boost their performance, and help them grow their respective businesses in a sustainable way.”

Mai Dubai opens 86,000 water bottles per hour production line in Dubai

Mai Dubai opens 86,000 water bottles per hour production line in Dubai. Photo courtesy of Dubai Electricity and Water Authority.

According to DEWA, Mai Dubai will capitalize on the new facility to grow its bottled water business.

Saeed Mohammed Al Tayer — MD and CEO of DEWA said: “Mai Dubai’s collaboration with Sidel comes at a time of increased consumer demand for bottled drinking water products in the region. The maximum output achieved in less time will enable us to effectively meet the need of our local communities while leveling up our commitment to hygiene, safety, and cost optimization.

“This is also a major step towards Mai Dubai’s efforts to minimize waste of resources, especially during the water bottling process. Our mutually supportive partnership comes with numerous advantages that will ultimately benefit all our stakeholders, who include the wider members of our society.”

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