Russia unleashes hellfire: Lviv warehouses up in flames


In a nightmarish scenario that has sent shockwaves through Ukraine, Russian drones attacked three industrial warehouses in Lviv, believed to be storing humanitarian aid. The devastating airstrike led to a massive fire, which quickly became a trending topic on social media. Adding to the body count, a police officer was killed, while two civilians on a trolleybus sustained injuries.

First Blood: Russian Artillery Claim Lives in Kherson

According to Ukraine’s Interior Minister, Ihor Klymenko, a 49-year-old police sergeant in Kherson was killed earlier in the day by Russian artillery. The cruel wake-up call came at about 5 am local time (0200 GMT), with firefighters hastily rushing to contain the inferno unleashed by the drones.

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Lviv Mayor and Regional Governor Clarify the Nature of the Targets

Lviv’s Mayor Andriy Sadovyi revealed that the body of a man, who was an employee at one of the warehouses, was found under the debris. Furthermore, he emphasized that these targeted warehouses had no military ammunition, but instead were storing household items and humanitarian aid. Regional Governor Maxim Kozitsky also confirmed this by stating that the warehouses were of a purely industrial nature, with no military storage.

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Ongoing Drone Warfare: Ukraine’s Counter-Offensive Measures

Amidst the terror from the skies, Kozitsky disclosed that out of 18 drone attacks launched by Russia against Ukraine, seven were aimed directly over the Lviv region. On a glimmer of hope, Ukraine managed to successfully shoot down 15 of these terror-inducing drones. Ukraine’s air force further noted that a total of 30 drones and one Iskander ballistic missile were deployed against the nation overnight, with 27 drones being intercepted and destroyed.

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Ukrainian Forces Break Through Russian Lines

In a turn of events that might signify a momentum shift, Ukrainian forces have broken through Russian defense lines near the eastern frontline city of Bakhmut. Ukraine’s ground forces commander, Oleksandr Syrskyi, reported that the troops are on a counter-offensive to reclaim lost territory from Russia.

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