Terrifying mystery in Suburban Chicago: Entire family and dogs executed


In a deeply horrifying event that’s shaking suburban Chicago in Illinois to its core, a family of four, along with their three pet dogs, were found shot dead in their Romeoville home. The police are ruling out murder-suicide and are on the hunt for the killer who remains at large. The gruesome discovery took place on the night of September 18, leaving the community in shock and demanding justice for the victims.

High Alert: Killer Still Not Found as Investigation Unfolds

Deputy Chief Chris Burne of the Romeoville Police Department relayed to the press that officers went to the house after concerned relatives requested a well-being check. The family was last seen alive on Saturday night, and their bodies were discovered around 8:40 pm local time on Monday. He also mentioned that there’s no immediate ongoing threat to the community, despite the killer being uncaught, as the murders took place over 18 hours prior.

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Victims Identified and Community Reaction

The couple has been identified as Alberto Rolon and Zoraida Bartolomei. The authorities have not yet released the names or ages of their children. In an indirect statement, the school district superintendent mentioned that two of the children were students in the local elementary school. Neighbors say the family moved into the area a few months ago and mostly kept to themselves, adding a layer of mystery to this chilling event.

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When Concern Turns Into a Nightmare

The police were alerted by relatives after a family member failed to show up for work on Sunday morning and didn’t answer phone calls. The investigation, although in its early stages, suggests that the brutal murders took place between Saturday 9 pm and Sunday 5 am local time.

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Romeoville is a suburban area located about 48 kilometers southwest of Chicago. The shocking incident has left the community in a state of fear and sorrow, awaiting justice for the victims.

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