Route Mobile automates customer experience for Coca-Cola UAE


Limited, a Communication Platform as a Service (CPaaS) provider, said that its step-down subsidiary has helped Coca-Cola UAE to connect with its customers and make it simpler for them in ordering their beverages online.

According to Route Mobile, customers can also pay for the order through the payment gateway of Coca-Cola without exiting the chatbot, thereby making it an effortless end-to-end process.

The provider said that customers don’t have to use the Coca-Cola UAE mobile app or visit its website to put an order anymore.

Route Mobile’s chatbot solution, which had gone live recently enables Coca-Cola UAE to offer its users a conversational experience through the automation of the ordering process through a popular messaging platform for an enhanced experience.

Route Mobile automates customer experience for Coca-Cola UAE

automates customer experience for Coca-Cola UAE. Photo courtesy of Kenny Holmes from Pixabay.

A Coca-Cola UAE spokesperson said: “We wanted to make it easier for our customers to order beverages and Route Mobile’s chatbot system checked all the boxes. It even allowed us to integrate our own payment system into the experience, so customers don’t have to rely on or install other apps, leading to a win-win for Coca-Cola UAE as a brand and our customers as well.”

Apart from the automation of the order management and enhancing customer experience, the chatbot solution of will make the process more cost effective for Coca-Cola UAE and showcase a future use case where the beverage firm will be able to offer customer support over the same messaging channel.

Rajdipkumar Gupta — Managing Director and Group CEO said: “Route Mobile has brought the Coca-Cola UAE brand closer to its customers with the chatbot ordering solution. It takes the product directly to the consumer while keeping the interaction conversational in nature, as though the user is messaging a person on the other side.

“It gives us great pleasure to be an enabler for a global brand like Coca-Cola UAE. This will serve as a testimony for Route Mobile’s foray into other markets in the region.”

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