Rhodes Ridge iron ore project : Rio Tinto launches $77m pre-feasibility study


Rio Tinto has authorized a significant investment of $77 million (A$110 million) for a pre-feasibility study (PFS) on the Rhodes Ridge iron ore project in the East Pilbara region of Western Australia. This project is recognized as one of the world’s premier undeveloped iron ore deposits.

Exploration and Development Plans for Rhodes Ridge

Following the completion of an Order of Magnitude study, the PFS aims to evaluate the development of an operation with an initial capacity of up to 40 million tonnes annually. The study, expected to conclude by 2025, will pave the way for a detailed feasibility study and the eventual extraction of first ore by the decade’s end.

Rhodes Ridge iron ore project : Rio Tinto's $77 Million Gamble on One of the World's Largest Untapped Iron Ore Deposits

Rhodes Ridge iron ore project : Rio Tinto’s $77 Million Gamble on One of the World’s Largest Untapped Iron Ore Deposits

Rich Mineral Resources of Rhodes Ridge Iron Ore Project

The Rhodes Ridge iron ore project, a joint venture between Rio Tinto (50%) and Wright Prospecting Pty Ltd (50%), boasts a staggering 6.8 billion tonnes of Mineral Resources. This includes high-grade iron ore, making it a lucrative asset for the company’s long-term plans in the Pilbara region.

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Sustainable Mining and Community Engagement

Rio Tinto Iron Ore Chief Executive Simon Trott emphasized the project’s potential to underpin their iron ore business for decades and their commitment to sustainable practices. The company plans to work closely with the Traditional Owners, the Nyiyaparli and Ngarlawangga People, ensuring responsible progress.

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