Tata Motors launches new Intra and Ace models to expand commercial vehicle range


Tata Motors, India’s largest commercial vehicle manufacturer, has announced the launch of three new models: the Intra V70, Intra V20 Gold, and Ace HT+, demonstrating their commitment to efficient first and last-mile transportation. These vehicles, designed for higher payloads and longer distances, are engineered to enhance profits and productivity across urban and rural India.

Features and Capabilities of the New Tata Models

The Intra V70, known for its best-in-class features, offers a high payload capacity and efficient fuel consumption. The Intra V20 Gold is India’s first and only bi-fuel pickup, offering an unparalleled range and payload capability. The Ace HT+, a turbocharged version of India’s most successful commercial vehicle, brings higher power and efficiency.

Tata Motors Unveils New Intra V70, Intra V20 Gold, and Ace HT+ for Enhanced Cargo Transportation

Tata Motors Unveils New Intra V70, Intra V20 Gold, and Ace HT+ for Enhanced Cargo Transportation

  • Tata Intra V70: Boasts the highest payload capacity in its category, powered by a 1.5L diesel engine, and features the longest load body for increased cargo space.
  • Tata Intra V20 Gold: Offers a maximum range of over 800km and a payload capacity of 1200kg, ideal for long-distance travel without refueling.
  • Tata Ace HT+: Combines high payload capacity with a reliable diesel engine, representing a perfect balance of power and performance.
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Enhancing Customer Experience with Tata Motors’ Services

Tata Motors also focuses on customer satisfaction by providing an array of value-added services. These include India’s largest service network, the Fleet Edge telematics system for efficient fleet management, annual maintenance contracts, easy availability of spares, and the comprehensive Sampoorna Seva 2.0 program.

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Marketing Strategy for Tata Motors’ New Launches

To amplify the launch of these new vehicles, Tata Motors has implemented a robust marketing campaign, leveraging digital technologies and social media, along with traditional marketing channels.

Girish Wagh – Executive Director of Tata Motors said: “In addition to providing optimal solutions for a variety of applications, our small commercial vehicles and pickups are known to provide livelihoods and improve quality of life of our customers. The vehicles we are launching today have been developed basis specific inputs and demand from a large segment of actual users. They are engineered to optimise fuel efficiency and carry higher payloads over longer distances.

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“Fuelled by rapid urbanisation, booming e-commerce, increase in consumption and rise of the hub-and-spoke model, the significance of efficient and effective last and first mile transportation in logistics management can’t be emphasised enough. Hence, every vehicle is designed to provide a robust and reliable cargo transport solution along with the assurance of greater commercial benefits to individual customers as well as fleet owners, both proudly servicing the buoyant needs of India’s growing economy.”

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