Refined white sugar may result in development of ovarian cancer in women


World Health Organisation says that refined white sugar can contribute to adverse health effects and it should be restricted in diet by 10 to 20 percent than the recommended usage as the risks may range from diabetes to cancer.

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Harmful effects of Sugar

An overload of sugar in the diet may lead to weight gain which in turn may result in diabetes and in some cases to few types of cancer.

sugar harmful effects on health

Excessive quantity of free sugar is consumed which is hidden in processed foods and drinks, especially in alcohol. Refined white sugar like sucrose acts as a slow poison and the sucrose and high fructose corn syrup contains more calories and zero essential nutrients.

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If white sugar is consumed in excess to 10 to 20 percent of the recommended level, it may show adverse health effects. It shows harmful effects on metabolism and may result to many lifestyle diseases. White sugar also contribute to acute inflammation of wall of the arteries which may result in increase if insulin and damages arterial walls.

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In addition to the above harmful effects the tendency of blood to form clots and plaques also increase proportionately. As the entire internal environment in the circulatory system becomes inflamed, it may result in serious heart disorders and stroke.

The recommended sugar intake includes the added sugar in food and beverages by the manufacturer and also the natural sugar in honey, syrups and fruit juices. The sugar intake should be as per the recommended levels for both adults and children, but the higher risk of lifestyle diseases is more in adults.

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Increased consumption of sugary drinks may increase the risk of developing ovarian cancer in women even though there are many other factors for the onset of the disease. As the consumption of refined sugars has increased at present due to lifestyle changes, the reports says that sugar consumption may result in ovarian cancer in women, especially in the women with ovarian cysts.

So, instead of refined white sugar, it can be replaced with jaggery, sugarcane or honey and at least five servings of fruits and vegetables have to be consumed daily.

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