Primrose Bio emerges as biotech powerhouse, secures $15m from Ligand Pharmaceuticals


Primrose Bio, Inc. has been founded as a merger between Primordial Genetics, Inc. and Pelican Technology Holdings, Inc in a transformative move that sets the stage for groundbreaking advancements in biotechnology. The newly-formed private biotechnology company has also received a substantial $15 million funding contribution from Ligand Pharmaceuticals. Primrose Bio aims to revolutionize the discovery and production of protein and nucleic acid medicines, leveraging cutting-edge platforms from its founding companies.

CEO Dr. Helge Zieler Unveils Next-Gen Biotech Platform

Primrose Bio’s innovative system combines the Function Generator and Pelican Expression Technology platforms to engineer biological productivity for next-generation therapeutics. “Our combined technologies harness the power of evolution at an unparalleled speed and scale,” stated Dr. Helge Zieler, CEO of Primrose Bio. This cutting-edge platform positions Primrose Bio as a leader in the discovery and production of complex therapeutics and vaccines.

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President Dr. Diane Retallack Highlights Technological Capabilities

Dr. Diane Retallack, President of Primrose Bio, explained how their platforms enable the identification of novel microbes and proteins that may be overlooked by traditional methods. “We are at an exciting juncture, with more biopharma companies leveraging our technologies than ever before,” Retallack said. Their methodologies can potentially transform the biopharma manufacturing industry, further bolstering Primrose Bio’s market position.

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Primrose Bio’s Initial Focus Areas Defined

Primrose Bio plans to collaborate closely with the biopharma industry to optimize production and support process design. The company is also set to commercialize Prima RNApols and PeliCRM197, two widely licensed manufacturing solutions that are poised to significantly impact the development of mRNA medicines and conjugate vaccines. Additionally, Primrose Bio aims to develop transformational manufacturing methodologies for complex therapeutic proteins and expand their technology into sustainable food, energy, and consumer goods.

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Primrose Bio: A Trailblazer in Biopharma Solutions

The formation of Primrose Bio represents a pivotal moment in the biotechnology sector, marking the creation of a company uniquely positioned to lead in protein and nucleic acid medicine development. With its state-of-the-art platforms and strong backing from Ligand Pharmaceuticals, Primrose Bio is undoubtedly a company to watch as it aims to reshape the future of biopharma manufacturing and healthcare solutions.

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