Daily intake of citrus fruits like orange and grapes cut risk of dementia

As per the recent study published in journal of Nutrition, daily intake of fruits like orange and grapes by the adults can cut the risk of dementia by 23 percent.

Researchers in Japan from Tohuku University found that if adults consume any citrus fruits like oranges, grapes, lemons or lime daily can reduce the chances of developing incurable brain conditions by 23 percent.

Citrus Fruits

Orange, Grapes – Citrus Fruits (Image Courtesy: Stuart Miles/freedigitalphotos.net)

It was revealed that citric acid contains nobiletin, a chemical which has shown to slow or reverse impairment of memory in animal tests.

This was reported after analyzing more than 13,000 aged adults for over a span of upto seven years and saw how many adults developed dementia.

The results have shown that daily intake of citrus fruits reduced the probability of developing dementia by 23 percent than those who eat them less than twice in a week. Some biological studies have indicated that citrus fruits can prevent cognitive impairment.

The researchers concluded saying that no study could find a relation between citrus fruits consumption and dementia but their findings suggest that frequent consumption of citrus fruits can lower the risk of dementia.

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