Nightingale Intelligent Systems wins security drone contract with San Pablo Police


Nightingale Intelligent Systems Inc., a leading provider of autonomous security drone technology, has officially finalized an expansion contract with the San Pablo Police Department (SPPD) in California. As indicated in its Q2 quarterly report, Nightingale Intelligent Systems will provide two additional Blackbird Robotic Aerial Security (RAS) systems to the San Pablo Police Department, increasing its total count to five systems. Scheduled for deployment in Q4 2023 and Q1 2024, these AI-powered drones will bolster the San Pablo Police Department’s pioneering Drone as a First Responder (DFR) program, ensuring enhanced citywide drone coverage.

Pre-payment and Contract Highlights: A Long-term Partnership in the Making

The San Pablo Police Department has already made a pre-payment totaling AUD $460,000 (US $300,000) as part of the expanded contract, which also includes maintenance, repair, and upgrade services. Additional payments are scheduled for FY2024. Indicating a long-term partnership, SPPD plans to collaborate with Nightingale Intelligent Systems on further expanding drone coverage across the city in the coming years.

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San Pablo Police Department to Host Demonstrations Featuring Nightingale’s Advanced Drone Technology

Significantly, the San Pablo Police Department will soon host other US law enforcement agencies to showcase the advanced capabilities of their DFR program and Nightingale’s state-of-the-art drone systems. This collaboration reflects Nightingale Intelligent Systems’ ongoing commitment to advancing public safety and situational awareness among law enforcement during critical incidents.

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Regulatory Milestone: Nightingale Intelligent Systems Obtains TBVLOS Approval

Nightingale Intelligent Systems recently secured Tactical Beyond Visual Line of Sight (TBVLOS) approval for its Blackbird drones from the US Federal Aviation Administration. This important regulatory milestone is a testament to the reliability and effectiveness of Nightingale Intelligent Systems’ drone technology and sets the stage for the anticipated BVLOS approval for the San Pablo operational area.

CEO Jack Wu Comments on the Contract and the Wider Market Opportunity

Jack Wu, CEO of Nightingale Intelligent Systems, stated, “This approval boosts the confidence of other potential customers considering drone solutions for security applications.” With approximately 3,000 police departments in the U.S. having 50 officers or more, Nightingale identifies law enforcement as a significant and highly attractive market for its advanced drone systems.

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The Industry Trend: Accelerated Adoption of Drone Solutions

The expansion contract with SPPD serves as a strong validation for Nightingale Intelligent Systems’ RAS technology. It signals an industry trend toward the utilization of “drone in a box” technology for semi-autonomous first responder missions. Nightingale Intelligent Systems believes that its partnership with SPPD and ongoing discussions with other police departments will foster greater trust among potential law enforcement users, thereby driving accelerated adoption of its drone systems in the USA and overseas.

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