NEXION Group to acquire Kiwi IT firms Aiscorp and Silicon Systems


NEXION Group, an Australian hybrid cloud service provider, has agreed to acquire New Zealand information technology (IT) companies Aiscorp and Silicon Systems Limited for a total price of NZD 14.3 million ($8.97 million).

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Aiscorp is an IT managed services provider, which works across the government and private sectors. The Wellington-based company particularly provides services to Pacific islands including Tonga, Niue, and the Cook Islands.

The consideration for Aiscorp is NZD 8.15 million.

Silicon Systems is engaged in providing managed IT services and cloud services provider to a client base spanning corporate, government, and small to medium enterprise sectors.

The consideration for Aiscorp is NZD 6.15 million.

According to NEXION Group, the acquisitions of Aiscorp and Silicon Systems represents the next step in its objective to become a global operator of hybrid cloud and SD-WAN infrastructure by creating a base for revenue growth in the Pacific region and providing a steppingstone to the Americas.

The deal is subject to conditions such as completion of due diligence, NEXION Group obtaining certain approvals and raising at least $7.425 million cash through debt and/or equity.

Paul Glass — NEXION Group CEO said: “Aiscorp and Silicon are outstanding businesses with long histories of delivering services in the Pacific region and will continue to operate as independent, complimentary members of NEXION Group.

“NEXION has a vision to deliver services in eight global regions and the completion of these acquisitions sets the foundation for our second region called NEXION Pacific that spans the East coast of Australia to the West coast of North America. Our next step is Canada so a base in Wellington makes acquisitions and growth into that time-zone much more efficient.”

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