Mitsubishi Electric increases investment in Realtime Robotics to disrupt manufacturing


Mitsubishi Electric Corporation (TOKYO:6503) has intensified its strategic investment in Massachusetts-based Realtime Robotics, Inc., a pioneering startup developing motion-planning technology. This increased financial commitment aims to integrate Realtime Robotics’ innovative solutions into Mitsubishi Electric’s factory-automation (FA) software products and control systems, marking a significant advance in automated production technologies.

Investment Details and Collaborative Goals

Since initially investing in May 2019, Mitsubishi Electric’s partnership with Realtime Robotics has evolved from mere financial support to an extensive technological collaboration. The integration of Realtime’s advanced motion-planning technology with Mitsubishi Electric’s industrial robots aims to facilitate agile, variable-volume production. This collaboration is set to meet the growing demands for flexibility in manufacturing, which is increasingly necessary due to rising capital investments, labor costs, and the diversifying needs of consumers.

Mitsubishi Electric increases investment in Realtime Robotics

Mitsubishi Electric increases investment in Realtime Robotics

Transforming Manufacturing through Digitalization

Mitsubishi Electric’s ambition to transform into a “Circular Digital-Engineering Company” involves leveraging collaborations like that with Realtime Robotics to enhance its FA systems across various manufacturing processes such as design, production, testing, operation, and maintenance. The goal is to deliver top-tier automated solutions that significantly improve productivity and operational efficiency at manufacturing sites.

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Realtime Robotics: Shaping the Future of Automation

Founded with the vision of revolutionizing how robots and autonomous vehicles maneuver, Realtime Robotics has made substantial strides in automation technology. Their solutions include risk-aware driving, high-productivity multi-robot workcells, and self-calibrating automated robot vision systems—each designed to enhance the safety and performance of industrial robots.

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Future Prospects and Industry Impact

Looking forward, Mitsubishi Electric anticipates the launch of new industrial robot systems incorporating Realtime Robotics’ motion-planning technologies by 2020. These advancements are expected to play a crucial role in Mitsubishi’s broader strategy to enhance its smart-manufacturing solutions with cutting-edge technologies.

This strategic investment not only underscores Mitsubishi Electric’s commitment to innovation in manufacturing technology but also sets a new standard for the industry’s move towards more integrated and intelligent automation solutions.

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