MercuryGate rolls out Smart Transportation suite to resolve supply chain capacity and delivery issues

MercuryGate International, a US-based transportation management system (TMS) provider, has unveiled an advanced software platform dubbed Smart Transportation.

The Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) product suite features MercuryGate Final Mile and Claims Management solutions, which are designed to make shipping intelligent, easier, sustainable, and transformative for customers.

Smart Transportation is expected to help shippers, brokers, third-party logistics providers (3PLs), freight forwarders, and carriers to overcome supply chain capacity, delivery challenges, and serious issues on the horizon.

Joe Juliano — President and CEO of MercuryGate said: “By leveraging Smart Transportation features such as embedded analytics, AI and machine learning, MercuryGate customers can address local, national and global supply chain requirements to provide real time data, insights and visibility.

“Getting goods through the supply chain has never been more complicated.

“We believe the best way to deliver value to our customers is to make shipping intelligent, simple, sustainable and transformative for them.”

The functionality of MercuryGate Claims Management is said to speed up the management and payment of freight claims as well as routing for goods that are returned.

MercuryGate Final Mile, on the other hand, is claimed to reduce overall costs, mileage and carbon footprint, by providing live, in-transit dynamic routing adjustment and real-time delivery times based on changing weather, traffic, cancellations of orders, driver exceptions, and intake of new orders.

Jeffrey Varon — Chief Strategy Officer of MercuryGate, said: “Our technology [Smart Transportation] is designed to help customers work smarter and remain resilient through times of disruption to improve productivity, manage costs and have more efficient transportation operations.”

In April 2021, MercuryGate acquired logistics optimization platform provider Cheetah Software Systems. The acquisition is said to help MercuryGate expand its transportation management system platform to provide a last mile, parcel and less-than-truckload solution as well as an improved fleet management capability.

MercuryGate says its transportation management system can generate 10% or more in savings off total freight spend compared to conventional transportation management systems that can deliver around 8% in savings.

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