Local Congress leader assassinated in Moga, Punjab by Khalistani radical


In a shocking twist that will send ripples across the political landscape, Baljinder Singh Balli, a local Congress leader from Punjab’s Moga district, was gunned down in cold blood! Surveillance footage from CCTV cameras installed at Balli’s residence in Dala village captured the gruesome act. Arshdeep Singh Gill, a designated terrorist and a Canadian permanent resident, took responsibility for this chilling assassination in a jaw-dropping Facebook post.

Dark Motives Unveiled: Killer’s Revenge Plot Exposed on Social Media!

Arshdeep Singh Gill, known as Arsh Dalla, claimed that he killed Balli to avenge the detainment of his mother and friends by the police. According to his Facebook post, Dalla revealed that Balli had been working closely with law enforcement to wreak havoc on his life, even going as far as vandalizing his home. The post was written in Punjabi and stated that the politician had been targeted as part of a revenge plot fueled by local politics. Dalla even mentioned that if he wished, he could have targeted Balli’s child, but refrained as the child was innocent.

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Police Investigation Underway: Can Arsh Dalla Be Brought to Justice?

Authorities are now in high gear, verifying the authenticity of the shocking Facebook post and launching a full-scale investigation. Moga SSP J Elanchezhian confirmed that an FIR is in the process of being registered. Notably, Arsh Dalla was declared an ‘individual terrorist’ by the Indian government earlier this year. He faces 20 FIRs for crimes ranging from murder to extortion. In a curious twist, he migrated to Canada in October 2018 on a visitor visa and later secured permanent residency.

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In a world where crime knows no borders, this shocking murder puts a spotlight on the complex entanglements between local politics and international implications. The case serves as a bone-chilling reminder of how revenge and radicalization can culminate in a deadly act that shatters lives and shakes communities.

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