Is Trudeau’s reign in jeopardy? Pentagon official’s shocking revelation!


In the high-stakes diplomatic showdown between India and Canada over the Hardeep Singh Nijjar case, a former Pentagon official, Michael Rubin, has stepped into the limelight, casting shadows over Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s credibility. Rubin suggested Trudeau’s allegations might be baseless blunders, fired without tangible evidence.

Rubin’s Take: Trudeau’s Hasty Allegations

Rubin insinuated that Trudeau might have spoken prematurely without the necessary evidence to back his claims. He expressed concern over Canada’s decision to allegedly shelter Nijjar, questioning the motives behind Trudeau’s statements. Making the stakes even higher, Rubin speculated that the U.S. might favor India in this controversy due to the importance of their bilateral relationship and Nijjar’s known terrorist activities.

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Repercussions in the Global Landscape

While the world watches, the situation raises pressing questions about the stability of Trudeau’s leadership. Rubin forewarned that Trudeau’s tenure as Canadian Prime Minister might be hanging by a thread, and suggested that there might be hopes for rebuilding the strained India-Canada ties after Trudeau’s exit.

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Moreover, Rubin stressed the potential danger in prioritizing short-term political maneuvers over sustaining lasting ties with India, the world’s most populous democracy.

Canadian Internal Affairs: Rising Hate Crimes

The escalating tensions seem to have internal ramifications as well. Pierre Poilievre, the leader of the Canadian Opposition, voiced apprehensions about escalating hate crimes against Hindus in Canada, emphasizing the pressing need for all Canadians to coexist in harmony.

Backstory: The Brewing Storm

Trudeau’s recent allegations, hinting at India’s potential role in Nijjar’s assassination, fanned the flames of a bilateral dispute between the two nations. Swift responses followed, with India denouncing Canada’s charges as groundless and politically motivated.

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The deeper issue, however, lies in the historical backdrop of pro-Khalistan activities gaining momentum in Canada. Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi had flagged India’s unease over this during a recent G20 summit interaction with Trudeau in New Delhi.

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