Is India really innocent? What the US and Canada are hiding will shock you


Shocking the world, the White House vehemently denies recent media speculation suggesting that the U.S. brushed aside Canada’s grave allegations against India regarding the killing of Khalistani terrorist Hardeep Singh Nijjar. In a jaw-dropping turn of events, National Security Spokesman John Kirby discredited such reports as “flatly false, untrue.”

The Reality Behind Trudeau’s Requests to the U.S.

Contrary to yesterday’s bombshell Washington Post report, the White House indicates that they didn’t turn down Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s requests for a public condemnation of India. Trudeau had allegedly requested the U.S. to publicly condemn the Sikh separatist leader’s killing weeks before leveling these allegations against New Delhi in an emergency parliamentary session.

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Deep Concerns and A Mysterious Case

Adding fuel to the fire, the White House is “deeply concerned” about these allegations and is now urging India to cooperate fully. This comes after Trudeau escalated the diplomatic standoff, claiming his administration was probing “credible allegations” linking the Indian government to the killing of Hardeep Singh Nijjar.

Background on the Alleged Terrorist Killing

What makes this case even more sensational is that Nijjar, the 45-year-old Khalistan Tiger Force chief, was gunned down in a parking lot in Surrey, Canada. India had already designated him as a terrorist in 2020, and security agencies revealed that he had a significant role in recruiting and training for separatist activities.

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Controversial Stance Amidst Hindu Temple Attacks

As if this wasn’t controversial enough, Hindu temples in Canada have been vandalized by Khalistani forces since the start of the year. Despite this, Trudeau’s administration went ahead with these contentious allegations, further inciting an already tense atmosphere.

Justin Trudeau’s Attempt to De-Escalate

In a stunning reversal, Trudeau tried to pacify the Indian government after receiving intense backlash from New Delhi and gaining zero support from allies. “Canada is not trying to provoke India, but wants New Delhi to address the issue properly,” Trudeau recently claimed, adding that the matter is being treated with “utmost seriousness” by his government.

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In this scorching cauldron of international relations, the White House’s latest revelation puts a spotlight on the dramatic and ever-evolving relationship between the U.S., Canada, and India. Hold onto your seats; this story is far from over!

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