Interesting uses of grapes as face pack, hair pack and scrub

Grapes are abundantly available this season and there are many health benefits of eating them.

In addition to health benefits, there are many interesting grape benefits for skin too. Did you know that you can try various grapes face packs for skin whitening?

Here in this post we will reveal you the unknown grapes benefits for skin along with different grapes face packs. So lets get started to know the tips to improve beauty with grapes.

Grapes are a rich source of anti-oxidants and thus help in beautification of the skin. Grapes along with general items from the kitchen can work wonders on the skin to make it look beautiful.

Grapes Face Pack with Milk, Honey and Oats

Grapes Benefits for Skin

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The first thing is to take a cup of grapes and grind them to make a smooth paste. Add a spoon of milk and honey to the above prepared grapes paste.

Meanwhile soak oats and after they become wet, add them to the above mixture.

Mix all the ingredients (grapes paste, milk, honey and soaked oats) well to make a smooth paste.

Now take this paste and apply it on to your face and let it dry. After some time, make sure it gets dried completely, wash your face with cold water.

You can get rid of pimples and marks, if you apply this simple grapes face pack regularly.

Grapes for Hair Care Using Eggs, Curd and Olive Oil

Prepare grape juice and to this add white yolk of the egg and mix them well. Add curd and four drops of olive oil to the above mixture. Mix all the ingredients well and apply this onto your hair.

Wait for 40 minutes and shampoo your hair after drying. Your hair will shine after applying this grapes hair pack.

Grapes as a Scrub with Almonds, Turmeric and Milk Paste

Take half cup of grapes and grind them to make a smooth paste. Add soaked and ground almond paste to the grapes paste. To this mixture add a pinch of turmeric and milk paste.

Mix them well and apply this cream as a scrub on your body. By applying this grapes scrub daily, you can remove dead cell present of the skin and can make your skin shiny and beautiful.

All the materials used in grapes face pack, grapes hair pack and scrub are readily available in homes. So try these grapes face packs and comment your views.

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