Infosys, Proximus complete IT modernization project for enhanced digital services


Infosys, a global leader in next-generation digital services and consulting, has announced the successful completion of a collaboration with Proximus, Belgium’s premier digital services and communications solutions provider. The project focused on modernizing and consolidating the IT stack of a Proximus affiliate, enhancing their ability to offer fiber and new digital services to a broader customer base.

Project Highlights: Consolidation and Modernization

The project involved Infosys acting as a managing partner, integrating the ecosystems of Proximus and its affiliate. It encompassed the consolidation of over 70 applications, the management of multiple vendors, and was completed on time and within budget. This led to the modernization of the affiliate’s technology stack, preparing it for future demands, with quicker time-to-market and an expanded service portfolio.

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Long-standing Partnership with Proximus

This collaboration builds upon the existing 25-year relationship between Infosys and Proximus, focused on transforming, developing, and maintaining Proximus’ IT applications.

Antonietta Mastroianni, Chief Digital & IT Officer at Proximus, emphasized the importance of the project for the company’s multi-brand strategy. She highlighted the necessity of deeper integration within the Proximus IT stack to maintain smooth operations and enhance service offerings.

Infosys collaborates with Proximus for IT stack consolidation and service expansion

Infosys collaborates with Proximus for IT stack consolidation and service expansion

Infosys’ Role and Achievements in the Project

Anand Swaminathan, Executive Vice President and Global Industry Leader, Communications, Media and Technology at Infosys, reflected on the journey of collaboration with Proximus. He expressed pride in Infosys’ role as the managing partner, coordinating the delivery of this complex program involving multiple partners and applications, and establishing a new operating model. This partnership enabled Proximus and its affiliate to expand their connectivity and digital service offerings.

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