Huntkey to launch Oucica car air purifier at Hong Kong trade fair

Huntkey, a Chinese power solutions provider, will introduce and display the new Oucica car air purifier at Global Sources Consumer Electronics Trade Fair to be held from 11-14 October 2019 in Hong Kong.

The new car air purifier from Huntkey will remove and decompose airborne hazards such as bacteria and viruses into carbon dioxide and water, eliminating secondary pollution.

Ferris Liao – marketing director, Huntkey, commenting on the Oucica car air purifier, said: “Its strong performance is based on Japanese patented technology – the photocatalyst purification technology, which was introduced into China by Huntkey from Japan.

“Its unique photocatalyst decomposing system will make it competitive on the market and differentiate it from other competitor products.”

Oucica car air purifier from Huntkey

Oucica car air purifier. Photo courtesy of Huntkey.

The Oucica car air purifier features photocatalyst filters that are energized by an ultraviolet lamp, and HEPA filter network to pre-filtrate the air.

Measuring a radius of 34mm and height of 180mm, the portable car air purifier is available in red, golden and gray color options.

Founded in 1995, Huntkey develops, designs, and manufactures PC power supplies, industrial power supplies, surge protectors, adapters and chargers.

With branches in the US, Japan and cooperating factories in Brazil, Argentina, India, and other countries, Huntkey is a member of The International Power Supply Manufacturer’s Association and a member of The China Power Supply Society.

Huntkey clientele includes Lenovo, Huawei, Haier, DELL, ZTE, Bestbuy and other companies.

Global Sources Consumer Electronics Trade Fair where the Oucica car air purifier will be launched is an electronics sourcing show and is held every April and October, with over 7,800 booths in two phases – Consumer Electronics & Mobile Electronics.

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