Health benefits of garlic oil for skin, hair and health problems

There are many unbelievable benefits of garlic oil for skin and health. In this post, we will discuss about the best uses of garlic oil for many health problems.

Garlic oil is very good for skin and health and its benefits are known to many as it is one of the renowned medicine across the globe for its many health benefits and disease-fighting properties.

In most of the cases, garlic cloves are used directly for medicinal purposes and in some situations garlic oil can be used.



Let us first see how to prepare garlic oil.

How to make garlic oil? Garlic oil preparation

First, we need to crush garlic cloves and then saute them in a saucepan with some olive oil. Heat the mixture for 5-8 minutes on a medium flame. Remove the pan and pour the mixture in an air-tight container. This is how you can prepare garlic oil at home and it is ready to use.

Garlic oil for skin problems

Garlic contains antifungal properties and is effective in treating Candida, Malassezia and dermatophytes. For this you need to sprinkle mildly heated garlic oil on the affected areas once a day for one week.

Garlic oil for acne

Garlic oil is rich in essential nutrients and contains selenium, allicin, Vitamin C, Vitamin B6, copper and zinc that works well for acne. It also contains anti-inflammatory properties that help in soothing inflamed skin.

Garlic oil for reducing hair fall

Garlic oil contains sulphur, Vitamin E and Vitamin C that helps in improving scalp health and prevents breakage and strengthening of hair roots. So for your hair health, you have to gently massage the scalp with warm garlic oil. Leave it overnight and wash the hair with mild shampoo the next day.

Garlic oil for tooth pain

Garlic oil is an effective remedy for toothache. Keep a cotton ball soaked in garlic oil on the affected tooth to control toothache. Allicin, a chemical compound present in garlic helps in reducing tooth pain and inflammation. It also reduces bacterial infection and controls tooth decay.

Garlic for Cardiovascular health

Garlic contains organic polysulfides that help to relax vascular smooth muscles and lower the blood pressure. Garlic also lowers bad cholesterol as it has a cholesterol-reducing effect. By using fish oil and garlic oil together, the level of total cholesterol, LDL-C and triglycerol concentrations can be reduced.

Garlic oil for cancer cure

Garlic contains diallyl disulfide compounds that have the ability to cure breast cancer cells.

Garlic for cold treatment

We know that garlic cloves works effectively in protecting the body against cold. Heat garlic cloves in mustard oil and apply that oil on the skin before taking bath. This forms a layer on the body that acts as moisturizer and also protects against cold.

Garlic works as effective decongestant

Garlic works effectively as a decongestant when you suffer from congestion due to dust and pollution. Heat some garlic in cow ghee and apply on the chest before lying at night. This oil works as a decongestant and give you instant relief.

Try these remedies using garlic and comment below this post about your experience.

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