HCLTech unveils FlexSpace 5G to revolutionize digital workplace experience


In a significant development for the global business landscape, HCLTech, a renowned global technology company, has introduced FlexSpace 5G. This advanced digital workplace experience-as-a-service, powered by Verizon Business’s secure and reliable network along with HCLTech’s premier hardware partnerships, promises to redefine efficiency and security standards for businesses worldwide. Announced today, FlexSpace 5G marks a pivotal upgrade from the existing HCLTech FlexSpace, catering comprehensively to the workplace experience value chain.

FlexSpace 5G is designed to facilitate a seamless digital transformation for workplaces, accommodating all employee categories, whether they are desk-based, remote, on-the-move, or frontline workers. It stands out by offering ‘Experience-as-a-service’—a holistic support model for the entire device lifecycle management. The service not only enhances mobility for enterprise users in the hybrid work model by extending beyond traditional Wi-Fi but also ensures fast and reliable connectivity. This is particularly beneficial across various sectors, including financial services, technology, life sciences, healthcare, telecom, media, and entertainment, by addressing and alleviating data security concerns for remote users.

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Rakshit Ghura, Senior Vice President and Global Head of Digital Workplace Services at HCLTech, emphasized the strategic vision behind this launch, stating, “With HCLTech FlexSpace 5G, powered by our strategic partner Verizon Business, we aim to provide our clients with a fluid, hybrid and sustainable future of work that fosters collaboration, productivity, and innovation.”

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Echoing this sentiment, Jonathan Nikols, Head of Global Enterprise Americas at Verizon Business, highlighted the network investments supporting such innovations, “We continue to make significant investments in our network in order to support solutions such as these, which enable employees to work virtually wherever they need to connect, be that in an airport, a client’s office, or on the road.” He further reassured customers about the enhanced security features of the Verizon network, presenting it as a superior alternative to public Wi-Fi.

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The launch of HCLTech FlexSpace 5G, in collaboration with Verizon Business, is a game-changer in the digital workplace sector, promising a blend of efficiency, security, and flexibility. This initiative is timely, given the increasing demand for hybrid work models and secure, reliable connectivity for a distributed workforce. By addressing the critical aspects of mobility, security, and device management, FlexSpace 5G is positioned to meet the evolving needs of global businesses, making it a significant step towards a more connected and innovative future of work.

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