Verizon Business, HCLTech unveil global managed network services partnership


In a significant global strategic move, HCL Technologies (HCLTech) disclosed its partnership with Verizon Business, positioning the Indian IT company as the latter’s primary Managed Network Services (MNS) associate for all global enterprise networking endeavors. This partnership fuses the profound networking strength, comprehensive solutions, and extensive reach of the Verizon Communications division with HCLTech’s renowned Managed Service proficiency.

A Comprehensive Approach to Network Service Delivery

Verizon Business will retain leadership in key areas, including customer acquisition, sales strategies, solution designs, and overall customer planning and development. Conversely, HCLTech will manage post-sales activities, ranging from implementation to sustained support. Ensuring a seamless collaboration, select staff from Verizon Business Global Customer Operations are set to transition to HCLTech.

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Promising Enhancements for Enterprise Clients

The fresh partnership promises clients an elite MNS portfolio, digital-first service models, increased efficiency, a comprehensive partner ecosystem, and innovative solutions on an integrated platform. As enterprises grapple with multifaceted operational environments, this collaboration promises a digitized, efficient approach to accommodate evolving technologies like 5G, SD-WAN, and SASE. HCLTech’s digital-first MNS platforms aim to facilitate clients in adapting to these technologies effortlessly.

Enterprise Networking Redefined: Verizon Business Ties Up with HCLTech for Managed Services

Enterprise Networking Redefined: Verizon Business Ties Up with HCLTech for Managed Services. Photo courtesy of Raghukraman/Wikimedia Commons.

What This Means for Enterprises

With the combined global presence of Verizon Business and HCLTech’s optimized MNS platforms, clients can anticipate a flexible networking foundation. This will empower them to adapt swiftly to tech evolutions, control their network service consumption, incorporate a diverse tech partner ecosystem, and converge IT/OT operations, thereby enhancing overall agility.

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Verizon Business CEO, Kyle Malady, expressed, “HCLTech is a widely recognized industry leader for Managed Network Services. With their expertise, Verizon Business can modernize our service delivery, focusing on next-generation tech like 5G, SD-WAN, and SASE.”

HCLTech’s CEO, C Vijayakumar, added, “Managed Network Services is core to our business. Our collaboration with Verizon Business will enable enterprises to drive better outcomes. I am excited to welcome the incoming employees from Verizon Business Global Customer Operations.”

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