HCLTech deepens ties with Cricket Australia for enhanced digital transformation


In a significant move towards amplifying the digital landscape of cricket in Australia, global tech giant HCL Technologies (HCLTech) has announced its renewed partnership with Cricket Australia (CA), the sport’s premier governing body in the country. This announcement solidifies their relationship that began in 2019.

With this extended alliance, HCLTech is set to supercharge Cricket Australia’s digital platform. Their goal? Offer unparalleled digital experiences to a vast audience, ranging from ardent fans and cricket players to partners and volunteers worldwide. A key highlight involves leveraging cutting-edge technology tools, including automation, AI, ML, and DevOps, ensuring the Cricket Australia Live and PlayCricket apps remain the go-to digital destination for cricket aficionados in Australia.

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Donald Elliott, the man helming Australian Cricket Technology, emphasized the gravity of fan and community engagement for Cricket Australia. According to him, the sport’s engagement journey begins the very moment an individual experiences cricket, either by playing or watching. He lauded HCLTech for their previous strides in overhauling the tech infrastructure, which amplified the digital experience for participants and fans alike. Elliott believes this renewed association, equipped with top-tier technology, is set to fortify cricket’s esteemed position in Australia.

HCLTech expands ties with Cricket Australia to enhance digital transformation

HCLTech expands ties with Cricket Australia to enhance digital transformation. Photo courtesy of Raghukraman/Wikimedia Commons.

Echoing Elliott’s sentiments, Michael Horton from HCLTech expressed his excitement over the continuation of their transformative journey with Cricket Australia. Horton spotlighted the transformative role of technology in reshaping sports engagement. He reiterated HCLTech’s unwavering commitment to engineer next-gen digital solutions in line with Cricket Australia’s vision.

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Looking back, HCLTech’s imprint on Cricket Australia’s digital assets is evident. From cricket.com.au and the widely-used Cricket Australia Live app to the rebranded PlayCricket app, HCLTech has been instrumental. Their tech prowess drove the Cricket Australia Live app to become Australia’s top summer sports application, registering an impressive 100m+ yearly sessions. This technological alliance also witnessed the app’s rating soar from a modest 2.2 stars to an outstanding 4.7 stars.

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Moreover, the synergy between HCLTech and Cricket Australia doesn’t end here. Their collaborative effort, TechJam – a global crowdsourcing initiative with Microsoft, stands as a testament to their shared vision. This initiative merges the best of both worlds, uniting data scientists, developers, tech innovators, and cricket enthusiasts, aiming to architect tech-driven solutions for the future of Australian cricket.

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