IonQ and Oak Ridge National Laboratory partner to modernize US power grid with quantum technology


IonQ, listed on the New York Stock Exchange under IONQ, has announced a strategic partnership with Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) to employ quantum computing in modernizing the United States power grid. This collaboration, supported by the United States Department of Energy (DOE), aims to address the increasing challenges of grid optimization and security due to rising energy demands and diverse energy sources. IonQ’s involvement in this project highlights its commitment to leveraging quantum technology for solving critical, complex global issues.

Pioneering Quantum Solutions for Power Grid Modernization

The United States power grid faces significant pressures from heightened demand and the integration of various energy sources, which complicate the grid’s operation and maintenance. IonQ’s Chief Revenue Officer, Rima Alameddine, emphasized the importance of modernizing the power grid to maintain daily life and national security in the US. “We believe that quantum technologies will ultimately enhance the resilience, reliability, and security of the US power grid,” Alameddine stated, underscoring the potential of quantum advancements to strengthen power systems for future generations.

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Suman Debnath and Warren Grice, leading the project for ORNL, highlighted the need for new capabilities in grid operation and planning. This initiative will allow for better long-term infrastructure investment decisions to meet the country’s ambitious energy goals. “This collaboration will enable us to significantly accelerate grid modernization and provides an opportunity to address critical challenges in our energy infrastructure and pave the way for a more sustainable and resilient future,” Debnath explained.

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Advancing Grid Optimization and Security Through Quantum Technology

Ariel Braunstein, Senior Vice President of Product and Applications at IonQ, discussed the transformative impact of quantum computing on the energy sector. “Quantum computing represents a revolutionary leap in problem-solving capabilities, and we’re eager to bring these capabilities to the energy sector,” said Braunstein. The partnership aims to develop practical quantum hybrid applications that combine classical and quantum computing resources to optimize and secure the US power grid effectively.

The research initiative is part of the GRID-Q project within DOE’s Grid Modernization Initiative and is also supported by ORNL’s Quantum Computing User Program. This program grants access to cutting-edge quantum computers for practical application testing, such as power grid control, offering valuable insights into their readiness and impact.

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Shaping the Future of Energy with Quantum Innovation

IonQ’s collaboration with Oak Ridge National Laboratory represents a significant step forward in using quantum technology to tackle some of the most pressing issues facing the US power grid today. By focusing on quantum solutions for grid modernization, IonQ and ORNL are at the forefront of developing advanced technologies that could fundamentally change how energy infrastructures operate and are managed, setting a precedent for future quantum applications in other critical sectors.

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