HCL Technologies introduces two 5G applications for wireless carriers


has rolled out a couple of new 5G applications for enabling mobile network operators in optimizing customer experience and cut down the consumption of across their 4G and 5G infrastructure.

The Indian IT services provider said that its Quality of Experience (QoE) and Savings applications are developed on the HCL Augmented Network Automation (ANA) Platform, which was built by its industry software division.

Said to be HCL Technologies’ next-generation network optimization solution, HCL ANA Platform is designed to help mobile operators around the world efficiently manage their 5G and 4G services through of multi-vendor and multi-technology deployments in cloud or on-premise environments.

For enhancing network performance in city centers, large sporting events, and other places having high traffic congestion, HCL Technologies’ QoE application lets mobile network operators offer hassle-free, fast, and reliable 5G services, by tapping artificial intelligence (AI).

HCL Technologies introduces two 5G applications for mobile network operators

introduces two 5G applications for mobile network operators. Image courtesy of torstensimon from Pixabay.

said that its Savings application brings down the operating costs of providing 5G by employing -based network capabilities. Through the analysis of traffic patterns, the application is said to identify where network infrastructure can be powered down temporarily during off-peak periods, like in the nighttime, without affecting the quality of experience for mobile subscribers.

Sukamal Banerjee — HCL Technologies Corporate Vice President and Head of Industry Software Division said: “Our telecommunications portfolio represents our multi-year strategy to develop innovative products for network operators and enterprises globally.

“Many of the world’s largest mobile network operators have experienced how HCL’s innovative software products can optimize their networks and build a 5G world through next-generation and automation.

“As the industry continues to adopt the Open Radio Access Network (O-RAN) architecture to unleash the power of 5G and beyond, HCL Technologies is well positioned to support them with its innovative HCL ANA Platform.”

Last year, HCL Technologies had opened a 5G Open Radio Access Network lab (5G O-RAN lab) in India to help global telecom industry players transition to a 5G network.

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