GrubMarket acquires Butter to enhance AI-powered solutions for food supply chain


GrubMarket announced the completion of its acquisition of San Francisco-based Butter, a venture capital-backed food wholesale software operating system designed to modernize the food distribution record system. This strategic acquisition integrates Butter’s advanced AI-powered eCommerce and payment technologies into GrubMarket’s innovative suite of solutions, aiming to transform the food supply chain industry across America.

Strategic Acquisition Details

Butter, founded in 2020 by machine learning experts Winston Chi and Shangyan Li, offers a comprehensive software product suite that includes AI-driven sales tools, a cloud-based ERP system for real-time inventory monitoring, and a mobile and web-enabled eCommerce platform. With a robust network of over 11,000 buyers and handling hundreds of millions of dollars in transactions annually, Butter is poised to significantly enhance GrubMarket’s existing portfolio of cutting-edge software products such as GrubAssist AI and WholesaleWare.

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Enhancing GrubMarket’s AI Capabilities

The acquisition enables GrubMarket to solidify its position as a leading enterprise AI solution provider in the food supply chain sector. “Joining forces with GrubMarket represents a powerful opportunity to scale our technology and make a significant impact on the food supply chain industry,” said Winston Chi, co-founder of Butter. Mike Xu, CEO of GrubMarket, echoed this sentiment, highlighting Butter’s contribution to expanding GrubMarket’s capabilities, especially in specialty food sectors like seafood which complements their existing focus on fresh produce and meat.

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Future Integration and Goals

Post-acquisition, Butter will continue to operate under the leadership of its founders, integrating its technology with GrubMarket’s proprietary systems. This includes WholesaleWare, GrubMarket’s AI-powered ERP platform, and GrubAssist AI, an AI assistant that provides deep insights and intelligent analysis for the food supply chain businesses. The merger is expected to activate new products in GrubMarket’s AI suite and further enhance its software offerings.

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The merger between GrubMarket and Butter is not just a business transaction; it’s a significant step towards digital transformation in the food supply chain sector. By harnessing Butter’s AI capabilities, GrubMarket is better positioned to address the complexities and demands of the modern food industry, driving efficiency and innovation.

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