Gravita India boosts capacity of lead recycling unit in Chittoor

Recycling company Gravita India Limited said that it has ramped up the capacity of its existing lead recycling unit in Chittoor, Andhra Pradesh by 10,200 MTPA.

The total capacity of the lead recycling plant in Chittoor has now gone up to 38,200 MTPA.

Gravita India said that the production from the unit will serve the requirements of Indian as well as overseas customers.

The Indian recycling company had invested nearly INR 1 crore for the capacity expansion.

Gravita India expects to earn revenue of around INR l50 crores per year from the additional capacity for lead recycling.

The lead recycling plant in Chittoor is said to have tapped the opportunity of domestic scrap available with the large telecom players, UPS OEM’s, IT and ITES, automobile workshops, and others in and around southern markets. Gravita India said that it has contracts to collect their PAN India scrap in a cost-effective way and by exporting the finished goods using the Chennai Port, saves the logistic costs.

The company said that the Chittoor lead recycling factory will enable it to further consolidate its footprint in the southern market and exports in South East Asian markets.

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