Explosive revelations: Are Hindu-Canadians now a target in Canada?


Amid the escalating diplomatic discord between India and Canada, Chandra Arya, a renowned Canadian MP, drops a bombshell. He unveils that extremist factions are aggressively intimidating the Hindu populace residing in Canada, pressing them to retreat to India. The alleged instigators behind these threats are linked to the Khalistan movement in Canada.

Chandra Arya Sounds the Alarm: Extremists Target Hindu Community

The MP indirectly stated that a Khalistan movement leader, Gurpatwant Singh Pannun, who stands as the president of Sikhs for Justice—a group pushing for a contentious referendum—has been launching verbal attacks, urging Hindu-Canadians to abandon Canada. Chandra Arya conveyed that a multitude of Hindu-Canadians has reached out to him, expressing their deep-seated fears and anxieties post this incident. Arya’s plea to the community is to stay composed, remain vigilant, and immediately relay any incidents of Hinduphobia to law enforcement.

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Moreover, Chandra Arya hinted at an insidious strategy by the Khalistan movement’s top brass to incite the Hindu community, aiming to sow discord between the Hindu and Sikh populations in Canada. He further pointed out that a significant chunk of Canadian Sikhs do not align with the Khalistan narrative. He emphasized that while not all Sikh Canadians might vocalize their dissent against the movement, their strong ties to the Hindu-Canadian community remain unbroken, thanks to familial bonds and shared cultural values.

Rising Concerns over Freedom of Expression and Hate Crimes

Chandra Arya’s disappointment resonated loudly over Canada’s seeming tolerance for acts that glorify terrorism and hate crimes, masked under the veil of ‘freedom of expression’. He critically compared the situation to the potential uproar if racialized Canadians were at the receiving end of a white supremacist’s tirade. He highlighted that the Hindu community in Canada, often perceived as soft targets, has been under siege by specific organized groups. Chandra Arya himself confessed to being under attack for almost a year, particularly for his efforts in raising a flag embellished with the sacred Hindu symbol, ‘Aum’, on Parliament Hill.

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Hindu Forum Canada Raises a Red Flag: Urgent Call for Security

Adding to the unfolding drama, ‘Hindu Forum Canada’ urgently reached out to Canada’s Minister of Public Safety, Dominic LeBlanc. Their plea? Robust security measures for Canada’s Hindu community, now seemingly in the crosshairs of Khalistani radicals. This plea stemmed from alarming statements by Gurpatwant Singh Pannu, the leader of a proscribed entity, Sikh for Justice. The forum expressed grave concerns over a disturbing video circulated on social media platforms, where Pannun explicitly threatens Indo-Canadian Hindus, urging them to evacuate Canada.

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In their emotional appeal, the forum implored PM Justin Trudeau and NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh to label Pannu’s threats as hate crimes, expecting a robust response from Canadian authorities.

Diplomatic Meltdown: India and Canada at Odds

The backdrop of this entire saga is a diplomatic firestorm between India and Canada, ignited post PM Trudeau’s insinuations. He hinted at India’s potential involvement in the demise of Khalistani terrorist Hardeep Singh Nijjar on Canadian grounds. These allegations led to Ottawa ousting a senior Indian diplomat. India, on the other hand, has vehemently refuted these allegations and urged Canada to reign in the anti-India sentiments flourishing on its soil.

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