Dynasty Global Investments, BrickMark Group forge alliance in real estate tokenization


In a landmark move within the global real estate market, Dynasty Global Investments AG (Dynasty) and BrickMark Group AG (BrickMark), both based in Zug, Switzerland, announced a pivotal agreement that will see Dynasty acquire a strategic stake in BrickMark. The transaction involves an investment of CHF 10 million as part of BrickMark’s Series A financing, primarily through Dynasty’s D¥N payment token and cash. The deal is slated for completion by the end of June 2024.

This collaboration marks a significant advancement in the integration of blockchain technology in real estate transactions, with Dynasty’s D¥N token set to play a central role on BrickMark’s tokenization platform, BrickGate. This platform is already operational across Europe, Asia, and Africa, and with this new agreement, will expand its reach to the American continent.

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Expanding Horizons in Tokenized Real Estate

BrickMark plans to tokenize real estate assets valued at over CHF 1.5 billion in the upcoming months, leveraging Dynasty’s extensive network to source CHF 400 million of these assets. The integration of the D¥N token will allow for seamless trading of real estate on BrickMark’s platform, enhancing liquidity and accessibility for investors across the globe.

Dynasty Global and BrickMark Announce Major Real Estate Tokenization Partnership

Dynasty Global and BrickMark Announce Major Real Estate Tokenization Partnership

Eduardo Carvalho, CEO and co-founder of Dynasty Global AG, commented on the strategic importance of the integration, likening the D¥N token’s potential impact to that of Tether in the cryptocurrency market. “Every cryptocurrency goes through various validation processes. For D¥N, the integration into the BrickMark platform is a strategic step that further emphasizes its value,” said Carvalho.

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Stephan Rind, CEO and founder of BrickMark Group AG, also highlighted the transformative potential of this partnership. “Thanks to D¥N, we are now in a position to offer a uniform and cost-effective solution for a wide range of real estate transactions worldwide on the basis of a universal and recognized cryptocurrency, which gives private and institutional investors access to markets that were previously only open to a few,” Rind stated.

Regulatory Approval and Future Prospects

The D¥N token has successfully completed the authorization process in Switzerland and is qualified as a payment token by the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority. Additionally, as of May 1, 2024, the Brazilian Financial Market Authority (CVM) also authorized D¥N as a payment token for Brazil’s market, home to 220 million consumers. Dynasty Global AG is regulated under the Swiss financial market supervisory regime, and with a cap of 21 million tokens, D¥N is positioned to become a significant player in the tokenized real estate market.

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Dynasty Token holders will benefit from preferred access to real estate token offerings on BrickMark’s platform, underscoring the synergistic benefits of this partnership. This strategic alliance not only boosts Dynasty’s and BrickMark’s footprint in the tokenized real estate sector but also sets a new standard for using digital currencies in substantial financial transactions.

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