365 Retail Markets acquires Impulsify to expand unattended retail offerings


365 Retail Markets, a leading global provider of unattended retail technology, has announced the acquisition of Denver-based Impulsify, Inc., a specialist in providing grab-and-go retail solutions primarily within hotels and multifamily communities. This acquisition, effective May 22, 2024, marks a significant expansion for 365 Retail Markets, enhancing its capabilities and extending its reach into new sectors with high-traffic common areas.

Integrating Strengths for Enhanced Consumer Experiences

Impulsify, founded in 2013 by Janine Williams, has established a robust presence across various prestigious hotel chains and boutique properties. Known for its easy-to-manage self-service retail outlets, Impulsify enhances property and guest experiences while providing additional revenue streams. This acquisition aligns seamlessly with 365 Retail Markets’ growth strategy, aiming to integrate and leverage Impulsify’s technology to boost its presence in the hospitality sector and beyond.

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“Joining forces with Impulsify allows us to enhance our technology offerings and meet the evolving needs of our customers in the hospitality industry,” stated Joe Hessling, Founder & CEO of 365 Retail Markets. “This venture is not just about growth; it’s about improving the convenience and quality of self-service retail experiences everywhere,” he added.

365 Retail Markets acquires Impulsify to transform unattended retail experiences in hospitality and multifamily communities, enhancing consumer convenience and expanding market reach.

365 Retail Markets acquires Impulsify to transform unattended retail experiences in hospitality and multifamily communities, enhancing consumer convenience and expanding market reach.

Expanding Market Reach and Technological Capabilities

365 Retail Markets, established in 2008, provides a comprehensive suite of self-service technologies, including SaaS software, payment processing, and point-of-sale hardware tailored for various settings such as corporate offices, educational campuses, and manufacturing facilities. The integration of Impulsify’s innovative solutions is expected to strengthen 365’s product offerings, particularly in settings that benefit from enhanced consumer convenience.

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The synergy between the two companies aims to break down barriers in the hospitality sector by offering more advanced and consumer-friendly solutions compared to traditional vending options. These enhanced capabilities are designed to attract new prospects and provide existing customers with more robust and technologically advanced options.

A Shared Vision for the Future

Janine Williams, the founder of Impulsify, expressed enthusiasm about the merger, highlighting the shared commitment to innovation and consumer-focused experiences. “Partnering with 365 Retail Markets opens up tremendous opportunities to scale our solutions and reach more consumers in need of convenient shopping options. Their proven track record and innovative drive are exactly what we need to take our offerings to the next level,” Williams remarked.

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This acquisition not only helps Impulsify realize its potential for broader market penetration but also supports 365 Retail Markets in its mission to deliver seamless, efficient, and enjoyable shopping experiences. By pooling their resources and expertise, both companies are set to redefine the landscape of unattended retail, catering to a world that values speed, convenience, and reliability.

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