Cannabis oil benefits breast cancer | Cannabis oil for cancer treatment in India


As per the latest research reports, it was found that cannabis oil compounds are capable of killing malignant cells of cancer.

Cannabis is used as a food supplement in the Western countries and is sold legally.

Cannabis oil for breast cancer treatment

Cannabis oil was used by a 69 year old woman for the treatment of breast cancer and was diagnosed by the doctors in the West.

After that cannabis oil benefits has got attention of the researchers for usage of cannabis oil for cancer treatment. St George’s University in UK has started research on the benefits of cannabis oil for cancer.

Cannabis oil Edens Garden

Cannabis oil Edens Garden (Image Courtesy: Edens garden/Amazon Cannabis oil)

The woman was treated with cannabis oil and was diagnosed with 33 mm tumour which has shrunk to 4 mm at present. The breast cancer was spreading to lymph nodes but was reduced from 25 mm to 10 mm.

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These all changes occurred in the tumour size only after using cannabis oil for breast cancer. There were also claims that cannabis oil benefits in cancer cure. As per the researchers, the cannabis compounds have the properties of killing malignant cancer cells.

However, trails on humans are yet to be carried out. A senior oncologist stated that research should be done to use cannabis oil at the clinical level. At present the protocols are chemotherapy, radiotherapy, surgery and personalized treatment and claims are being made from time to time.

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In the West, cannabis oil is sold legally as a food supplement and its medical use has not yet begun. In some hospitals, they have started using integrated therapy which is a combination of Ayurveda and modern medicine. They reported that they found every human body needs a different set of medications, dosages and protocols for the cancer treatment.

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