Coromandel International Limited unveils 10 new agri-solutions in India


Coromandel International Limited, a leader in India’s agri-solutions sector, has launched 10 innovative products aimed at enhancing crop yields and promoting sustainable agricultural practices across the nation. This significant expansion in Coromandel’s product lineup includes three patented products, a bio plant and soil health promoter, and five generic formulations.

Innovative Product Launches

Among the key innovations is ‘Prachand’, a patented product developed in collaboration with ISK Japan, designed specifically to protect paddy crops from pests like stem borers and leaf folders. This solution is crucial as these pests can reduce crop yields by up to 70%. Additionally, Coromandel has introduced a unique formulation targeted at combating the fall armyworm, a pest known to cause significant damage to corn crops annually.

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The company also unveiled two novel patented fungicides intended for rice and a range of other crops including potatoes, grapes, and tomatoes. These fungicides provide both contact and systemic action, ensuring long-lasting disease control.

Expanding Generic Solutions

The launch also includes five new generic products, enhancing Coromandel’s existing portfolio of crop protection solutions. These products address various agricultural needs, from pest control to weed management, reflecting the company’s ongoing commitment to supporting the Indian farmer.

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Strategic Impact and Market Response

Dr. Raghuram Devarakonda, Executive Director at Coromandel, highlighted the significance of these launches, noting that this marks the first time the company has introduced such a large number of products in a single year. He emphasized the strategic importance of these innovations in reinforcing Coromandel’s commitment to research-based solutions and sustainable agriculture.

Adoption of Advanced Technologies

Coromandel is not only expanding its product range but also embracing advanced technologies such as drone-based spraying and crop diagnostic services. These technologies are part of the company’s integrated crop management approach, which aims to provide holistic solutions from seed to harvest for key crops like cotton, rice, chili, soybeans, pulses, and vegetables.

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Future Prospects

With these new products, Coromandel International is set to strengthen its market position and continue its leadership in the agri-solutions sector in India. The company’s innovative approach is expected to drive further growth and enhance its ability to meet the diverse needs of the agricultural community.

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